Who Is Tim Lowe?

Well you know we are the Minions but I bet you are wondering who Tim is, well let me, chief Minion, tell you a little bit about our Glorious Leader Tim Lowe.

To be honest if you need to ask who Tim Lowe is then you are either not a serious internet marketer or very new to the industry and perhaps dare I say it, very wet behind the ears.

You see Tim Lowe is one of the most highly respected internet marketers operating in the UK and he will be happy for me to tell you, he is one of the wealthiest too. After making well over £18 million pounds since he started his business from a spare room in his home using an old computer, a phone line and a desk made from an old fire door.  Yes it’s true, he made the desk himself!

Over the last 9 years he has launched a range of products that have helped thousands of people to earn a successful living for themselves online.

Before Tim became the successful internet marketer he is today (and our Glorious Leader) he previously had a successful career working for a multi-national security firm, enjoying the corporate life which had him travelling the world on all expenses paid trips. 

Eventually he became increasingly disillusioned with the corporate lifestyle and in 1998 he left his job to find a better standard of living and went into business for himself. This proved to be a stressful and frustrating experience which forced him to sell the business a few years later and start to look for new opportunities online.

Tim’s first attempts at online marketing bore mixed results until he was to attend a seminar held by a wealthy entrepreneur. This seminar was to change Tim’s life and in less than 6 months he was earning more than £50,000 every single month using the system he was taught at that seminar.

Tim, like all serial entrepreneurs, will have several projects on the go at any one time. (Tim’s Minions being one of them) 😉 Tim Lowe Listbuilder is one of his recent projects which will soon be recognised as the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn internet marketing.

Tim writes a fun weekly newsletter called the Lowedown full of business tips and advice that he has learned over the last 9 years online which can be found here.Tim's Business Lowedown – Quentin (Chief Minion) Minion



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