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Getting Started With SEO For Your Blog

24 Apr

Getting Started With SEO For Your Blog  

Guest Post by Matt Smith

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of, if not THE best way of driving traffic to a website/blog!  Saying that though, there are still many people who don't use it and some who simply don't know what it is.  They are therefore missing out on the massive benefits that SEO gives a site when used properly. 



In this post, we will be looking at what exactly SEO is and how you can use it to attract more traffic to your website.

What Is SEO & Why Do I Need To Use It?

As stated in the post introduction, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This is a term that people use to refer to improving the visibility of a website/blog in the major search engines. 

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are SO vital to a websites success that you need to make sure that they are directing people to your site.  Without these massive search engines telling people about your site, you stand no chance whatsoever of attracting people to your site.  Think about it, how many times a day do you go on Google to search for something?  That's because search engines make it easy to find information, whatever it may be.  How would you go about finding that same information without using a search engine?  Well the simple answer to that is – “With great difficulty!”

Search engines are like the highways of the internet.  If you want to find something, you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  Literally billions of web searches are conducted on search engines every day from all over the world.  If you are not implementing SEO techniques on your site, then you are missing out on lots of potential traffic!

When people search for your site or related information, you want the search engines to display your website in their search engine results pages (SERPs).  If you are not even being shown, then you are at a serious disadvantage to your competitors.  But it's not just as simple as being listed, the higher up the SERPs your site is displayed, the more chance there is that people will click on and visit your site.  Ideally, you want to be positioned at the top, number one position for every one of your keywords (we'll get to that later), and to do that you need to use SEO techniques.

So simply put, SEO are methods of getting your website pages shown on search engines and getting them ranking as highly as possible on SERPs. 

On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

Search engine optimization may sound complicated, but it's really not!  (Trust me, if I can do it, then anyone can!)  You just have to learn the basics to get started.

Now, SEO is kind of a general umbrella term that refers to all SEO techniques.  These can be split into two simple groups to make things easier.  These are; On-Page SEO techniques & Off-Page SEO techniques.

On-Page SEO techniques refer to ALL the methods that you can use to improve your search engine ranking ON your website/blog. 

Off-Page SEO techniques refer to ALL the methods that you can use to improve your search engine ranking OFF your website/blog.

So now that you know the difference between the two groups of techniques, what methods do you actually use?  Well lets take a look at some of them!

On-Page SEO Techniques

Using Targeted Keywords & Keyphrases

Whenever you use a search engine, you type in something that describes what you are looking for.  This can be in the form of a few words (i.e. SEO help) or a sentence (i.e. How do I improve my website SEO?).  What the search engine does, is it searches the internet for relevant pages that match the words that you used.

These words are classed as 'keywords' & 'keyphrases'.  These are important because they are used to help search engines display relevant content when searched for. 

In relation to your own site, you can include keywords & keyphrases into your blog posts, pages, titles, URLs, etc. to help people find your content.  That way, if you run a site about surfing in England, by including targeted keywords (i.e. Learn how to surf in England or Surfing holiday in South England, etc.) in your site content, it will help people to find your site via search engines.

It's not as straight forward as adding words & phrases that you think will work, you need to research them!  You see, there are tens, if not, hundreds of millions of websites online and they are all competing against each other for attention.  This competition includes keywords.  For example, there may be more than one site that focuses on surfing in England, there may be hundreds!  What ever niche your site focuses on, you are in competition with others who will be using the same keywords. 

That's why you need to research which ones you use.  I use the 'Google Keyword Tool' to find all mine.  This way I can see which keywords & keyphrases are competitive and which aren't.  I stand a better chance of ranking highly with uncompetitive words & phrases, because there are less people using them.

Page Titles

Your page & post titles are an important SEO factor on your blog/website.  Each of your titles should be unique and include your main targeted keywords & keyphrases for that content. 

You may run a site reviewing movies.  Each post that you publish would be a review of a different film, so it would be vitally important to include the name of the film in the title so people will be able to find it.  This will also help the search engines to find when people want to read about that movie, because you have included the right keywords.   

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions often seem to get neglected by many people, but they are a good way to improve your SEO.  You are allowed to include a 160 character description for each of your webpages.  This is another good place to include your keywords and keyphrases, making it easier for search engines to find and identify your content.

Your meta descriptions are also used on SERPs under your site title.  This allows viewers to read a little about what the page is about before they click onto it.  That's why you shouldn't just cram it with as many keywords as you can, try to make your description easy to read and more importantly make sure it makes sense.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is when you place links within your content to other pages on your site.  This makes it easier for people to navigate round your website and read your other posts, but it lets search engines crawl your site more effectively.

Google loves sites that use internal linking!  It shows that a site has lots of interesting content that they want to share to their readers, instead of a one page website that just focuses on selling a product to you.

You can take it one step further and link to your other posts via targeted keywords.  For example,

Small Home Business Ideas


Another thing that many people overlook is the SEO benefits of images.  Many bloggers use images within their posts, but they often forget that they can include keywords & keyphrases within them.

Your images have titles, alt tags and descriptions, so try to include keywords to make it easier for people searching on Google Images.   

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Social Media

Social media is one of the best marketing tools available, and the best part is that it's totally free!  You don't just have to talk to close friends and family, social media allows you to connect with new people from around the world.  This is great for finding people who have similar interests and are into the same things. 

From a website marketing perspective, social media lets you connect with people from around the world who are interested in what your site is about.  You can let people know about your latest content by posting a link on your Facebook page, you can Tweet about your new blog post, share your new video on Google+, pin your website images on Pinterest, etc.

Social media helps you to increase your online exposure and build your website brand.  But social media also has an impact on your SEO.  You see, the more websites that are linking to your posts, the higher they will rank.  So not only does tweeting, sharing, pinning, etc. your own content help, but other people can also share it on their own social media sites as well, getting you even more links to your site!

Search Engine Submission

If you have a brand new website or blog, you won't be listed on any of the search engines.  This is because it takes time for the search engines to find and crawl your site.

You can speed this process up by submitting your site to Google, Yahoo & Bing, manually.  Technically, you don't need to do this as eventually they will find your website, but this takes time!  So to save you a lot of stress, submit your site to each search engine and then you know that you will be added to their databases.

You can submit your site by following the instructions over at 'Google Webmaster Tools' & 'Bing Webmaster Tools'.  To do this, you will need a 'sitemap' for your website.  I'd recommend using the very simple to use 'Google XML Sitemaps' WordPress plugin.

Video Marketing

You may have produced your own videos for use on your website.  That's great, but you can also submit them to other sites like YouTube & Vimeo, and let people find your content that way.  These sites allow you to include links in the video description, so you can place a backlink that points people back to your website.

Another useful tip is to actually display your website name & URL in each of your videos.  This way, when people use your video on their own websites their viewers will see the name of your site.  This helps to increase your brand awareness online.

Article Submissions

You can submit content to article directory sites like; Ezine & Go Articles.  This is another excellent way to improve your SEO ranking and drive traffic to your blog!  This is because directory sites have high 'Google Pagerank' scores.  Having links pointing to your blog from high Pagerank sites helps to improve your own ranking.

Only submit original content to these sites!  Directories don't accept duplicate content, which also includes your own articles that you have published on your site. 

Guest Blogging

There are many benefits to guest blogging.  Not only does it help to build backlinks to your site from other websites in your niche, but it also helps you to build contacts with other like minded bloggers.

Most blogs accept guest post submissions because it helps to free up time for the blog owner to concentrate on other aspects of their site.  You do need to make sure that your guest posts are 100% original and conform to each individuals submission guidelines. 

Guest blogging is not easy though!  Many people just think they can get away with writing a couple of hundred words talking vaguely about a topic.  Most blogs however ( at least the good ones!) will only accept posts that are of a high quality.  They want quality information that their readers will value, not to do you a favour by publishing a couple of paragraphs with a link to your site.

Don't get me wrong, bloggers are more than happy to publish your post and links to your site if you can supply them with a good quality post.  You just have to work for your reward, nothing is free in this world!  More often than not, bloggers may write a guest post for your site in return.  This is what helps to build contacts with other bloggers.


Well I hope you found this post useful.  These are just some effective ways to improve your website ranking in SERPs using both On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO techniques, there are many others!  

This post was written by Matt Smith from

Matt teaches people from the UK about blogging, social media, SEO, driving traffic, writing content and making money online.  You can learn more about Off-Page SEO techniques and On-Page SEO techniques on his site.


10 Free list Building Methods; Building an Email List for Free. Part 2

4 Apr

Free list Building Methods. Building an Email List for Free Part 2 

For Part 1 Click Here

tim lowe free list building methods2


This is like your main site in many ways, you can fill this site up with all your best products, offers, content, and tutorials and of course the email capture form. This is where you want to drive a lot of the traffic if you use paid advertising.

A content rich site is loved by Google, once people are on your site then you can drive them to dedicated squeeze pages from links within the blog and its articles.

Posting regular keyword rich articles can get your blog ranked high in Google for many keywords and can attract free organic search traffic.

Having social media plugins and things like a matching Facebook page can have many more free visitors suddenly finding your blog who will then be exposed to your offers and squeeze pages.

A blog can support many pages so you can do little SEO tricks like have a ‘thought of the day’ page where you post your thoughts on newsworthy trending topics which can get your site ranked highly in Google due to the speed and nature of the post. Blogging to the Book Store and the Bank.

People will find your news topical posts and hopefully take a look around the rest of your site to see what else you have to offer.

Another great tip is to have a page of quotes, people love searching for quotes and a few pages with new updated quotes from people in your chosen niche can help with Google rankings and free organic search traffic.

Having a blog that you write for regularly will be good training for the next free list building method.

Guest Blogging

As the title suggests, you will be writing blog posts but this time instead of doing them for your own blog you will do them as a guest blogger on someone else’s established blog.

This is good because if you are given the go ahead to write for someone who has a blog that is regularly visited by several thousand readers a month then your article and website details can be seen by loads of potentially free people who will click through to your blog to see more if they liked your guest post.

The other site owner gets free quality content (it must be well written quality content otherwise you won’t be accepted as a guest writer) you get free exposure to thousands of new readers. It can be a great win: win situation for you and the blog owner.

Your author’s bio at the bottom of the post can have a link to your blog or even directly to your squeeze page as part of the list building programme. Something you cannot do with paid Google ads.

You might find that several blog owners will post more of your articles if what you write is of a high enough quality creating a network of sites where you can legally and safely pilfer other people’s lists.

Guest blogging is, in my eyes, better than article marketing for several reasons; your article can be seen by several thousand people as soon as it goes live.

The people who see it are regular readers of the site and trust the judgement of the site owners giving you some respectability and authority on the topic you wrote about.

You can engage with people in a Q&A session when people leave comments after reading your post.

The site owner will honour the agreement and publish your author bio and details.

The links back to your site are good. Here is one of my guest posts. The Power of controversial Viral Videos

Article Marketing

Article marketing isn’t for the faint hearted or weak fingered, for this method you will need to do a lot of writing. You write a lot of useful articles that you upload to loads of article directories.

The idea is that when you have uploaded your article you give permission for your article to be used on other people’s websites and email newsletters as long as they leave your author’s bio intact when they use it. It is a way of getting a lot of back links and traffic to your site.

There are a few problems with this method, mainly your articles can be sat waiting to be found, with so much competition there is no guarantee that you will have many readers or that it will be used. If your articles are used they could be taken and re used by software or people who do not (choose not) publish your author bio correctly loosing you any exposure and links.

Another problem is that Google have now started to overlook article directories and they also don’t like duplicated content. So having the same article dotted around the web can be used to penalise you or other sites rankings.

It is best to upload a new version of each article to every new article directory as many of them will only take unique articles. This means you will need to spend time re writing the same article over and over again.

You can use software to spin the articles but unless you spend a fair bit of time setting the software up properly the spun articles can be very hard to read.

Article marketing is not as powerful as it once was however there are people who still swear by it and it is one of the longest serving free list building and internet marketing methods around which is still being used so maybe it is worth you taking a look into it.


Podcasting is easier than you think, and many people prefer to hear someone talk than read, it could be worth you having a go. When someone listens to you they can hear your excitement and subtle tones in your voice so they can take what you say more seriously.

You cannot tell from the written word if the author genuinely knows what he is talking about or if he has just copied it from somewhere else.

The beauty of podcasting is that with free software like Audacity you can talk into a microphone about a topic using several of your past articles as the script and with a freedom not found when writing you can elaborate more on the subject.

Several past articles can be turned into 15-30 minutes of helpful podcasts that your listeners would enjoy.

Again this is free; podcasts can be attached to your own WordPress based website with the Podpress plugin. Podcasts can be uploaded to sites like and

You can sell them or allow people to listen for free. Like the videos you need to direct people to your squeeze pages but that can be done easily when you are chatting away.

Podcasts sites are similar to how YouTube works, there will be a place for a description and a website link so make sure that you place your blog/squeeze page URL in as many visible places as you can as well as speak it out clearly on the podcast.

When people have learned from you and enjoyed your podcast the chances are they will want more so they will be happier to go over and sign up for more great information.

After all, you are doing this to build an email list. It would be daft not to push your sites address as much as you can without upsetting people.

Sharing Slide Presentations for Building an Email List

This free list building method is a great way to re-use the articles and free reports/EBooks that you have just written.

Simply copy and paste them into a series of PowerPoint slides, you can edit them to make them more of a bullet point presentation if you like or simply leave as is.

Once you have created the slide show it can be uploaded to slide sharing sites like and  where it will be visible to anyone and everyone.

Make sure that your slides show your website address as often as possible so the reader knows exactly where to go once they have finished reading.

Again there will be a place where you can add a description and a link to your chosen web address so get it all filled out as best as you can. You need those people to visit your site.

If you are still unsure why you need to build an email list maybe this will help you understand.

Cinemas need ‘bums on seats’, online businesses need ‘names on lists’. Simple 🙂 – Quentin the (List Building Expert) Minion

10 Free list Building Methods; Building an Email List for Free. Part 1

2 Apr

10 Free list Building Methods. Building an Email List for Free 

free list building methods

The money is in the list, Ha I said it, it seems every Internet Marketer or article even remotely talking about Internet Marketing has said that, I needed to get it out of the way straight off the bat. The fact is though, it is true.

Whenever setting up an online business, or even an off line one, it is very important to build up an email list. Having a data base of existing and potential customers is very important to the survival of your business.

For internet marketers, having a big responsive list of hungry customers is what brings them in the serious money. Once someone has bought from you they generally tend to buy again unless you have done something seriously stupid to offend them.

In fact while we are talking about stupidity, it is more stupid to try and create an online business without creating an email list.

So how do you start building an email list?

Well there are many ways to build an email list, some are paid for and some are free. Google used to be the best paid method until they decided that they no longer wanted people to build an email list to sell to though them. (They would rather do the selling- sneaky)

The fact that many newbie marketers have very little money to invest in building an email list has prompted me to write this article giving you as many free list building methods as I can muster. Use as many as you want but be aware that it is often best to pick one maybe two and really focus on them until you have mastered them and started to get good results.

10 free list building methods. (5 today 5 more later)

Give Away a Free Report/EBook in exchange for email details.

Write a report or EBook on your chosen topic, and give it away for free in exchange for an email. This can be done on the side of your blog or on a dedicated squeeze page. Using an auto responder like Infusionsoft or Aweber you create an email form that will take the person’s name and email then either directs them to the free report/EBook or it emails it to them once they have filled in their details.

This email form is important; it is where you will send people to when using the other free list building methods. You can create more forms on more sites if need be.

The same or similar report/EBook can be sold on Amazon and other EBook retailers for a small cost that is not designed to make money but more as a traffic generation tool.

If you make money then that is a bonus. You cannot get an email address for this method but the book itself can point the reader towards your site where they can sign up for a different report or newsletter if they want more information.

This same report/EBook can be uploaded to PDF and EBook sharing sites like with your web address or even clickable links in them. Here readers can download your free report, read it and hopefully share with friends. Again this method does not result in an email exchanged for the freebie but can send traffic to your site where they can sign up for more information like a weekly newsletter.

These sites will have a place for you to write a short description of what your report and EBook is about so make it enticing and include a link to your site where the email capture form is.

However, if people find your report useful they will share it with their friends, this is a free method that can have your web address sent all over the internet. Why stop at the one report? Why not create many?

Create Videos for YouTube

YouTube is misunderstood. Many people think it is a place where teenagers go to watch funny viral videos of classic ‘fails’ or dancing cute kittens or something like that.

Actually it is one of the biggest search engines around. People go there to look for videos and information on almost every topic known to man.

Setting up a channel and uploading a series of free helpful videos can go viral and get you a lot of free traffic. Have you seen how many times some of the popular videos have been seen? Millions of people have watched them.

I doubt a tutorial on blogging will have millions of viewers sending it viral however it can drive a lot of traffic over time and having many videos will have plenty of traffic visiting your.

Once uploaded your videos are there for people to see 24/7 sending traffic to your site for years to come. Quietly building an email list for you on autopilot.

If the content of the video is all yours and the videos do become popular you can get a cut of Google Adsense revenue that is made from the adverts shown around your videos if you sign up with YouTube’s partner programme. Bonus!

Videos can come in many forms, from live screen capture tutorials, slide show presentations and standing in front of the camera presentations.

Remember to use annotations and slides showing your web address so the viewer knows where to go. Put a clickable link to your site in the description box with a call to action. Don’t leave them doubting where or why they should go to your site.

To find out how to make quick and great videos Click Here

Build your Email List with List Swaps

This one is fairly self-explanatory; once you have a fairly large list say 2000 people you can go to dedicated websites where you can approach someone with a same size list and do an email swap. is a site regularly used where you can meet other list owners and arrange to each send an email to their own list promoting the other persons website or free product.

However, please be warned, some very unscrupulous people use list swap to build themselves good lists by raping other peoples lists, they find someone with a list of say 2000 people, they have the owner send an email promoting their product or website.

When it comes to them sending an email to their own list to promote the list swap partners product or site they send an email to a totally useless list of non-responsive people that they have built fast using places like

A large list built for the sole purpose to entice fellow list swappers to do a swap, meaning the unscrupulous list owner can build a high quality responsive list quickly without the usual long term traffic generation headaches.

It would be a shame to build up a good list for you to loose people with a sneaky trick like that and end up with your list possibly polluted with non-interested people. So be careful when picking your list swap partner, go with someone who has history if possible.

Social Media, Facebook, Google+ & Twitter

The great thing about social media is that it is essentially free; you can use Facebook and Google+ to build accompanying pages for your business and grow a list of followers. Twitter can grow you a big list of people who are interested in your products or services but there isn’t a page option like the other two.

With Facebook you can sell products from within their platform but the main reason for having a Facebook pages is to drive fans to your website/blog/squeeze page in order to get them to sign up.

Facebook is more flexible than the rest of the social media networks and can incorporate pages within the page where HTML can be used allowing you to have that all important email form on your Facebook page. Click Here to see one we have.

Using a cheap but very powerful software like Tweetadder, you can automate the follow and un following of people and build a list of people that you can then drive to your website.

Setting the software to do its stuff on autopilot for some tasks and then loading it up with a day’s worth of ‘Tweets’ will make your job a lot easier.

(Please do not go crazy and try to mass follow thousands in a day, Twitter will get wise and close your account, as we say ‘softly softly catch a monkey!’)

When people follow you back a message is sent to them with a welcome/thank you message incorporating your website link.

Investing in Tweetadder is the really only cost for using social media for building your lists unless you do invest money in creating Facebook ads.

I know this is about building an email list using free list building methods but I will briefly talk about Facebook ads. (should you choose to pay for advertising they are cheaper than Google)

Facebook share Google’s approach and do not like traffic being sent to squeeze pages, so it is best to send them in house to a Facebook page (and it’s cheaper) and then you send them outside of Facebook from your page.

Facebook ads can send people to blogs and pages on content rich sites but it is advised to use them to cheaply send the traffic to a page within Facebook, they reward you with cheaper ads if you do

Google+ is a Facebook style network that is growing in popularity but still a little hard to understand compared to its rival Facebook. The main reason for using these sites is to create a relationship with people, who will follow you and interact with you and then you gently direct them to your website or squeeze page so you can get their name and email address.

Satellite Sites

Another great free list building method is the satellite sites method. This is where you create a page or site dedicated to your main site. Open up accounts with Tumblr, Hubpages, Squidoo and then fill these pages sites with articles that are re written or simply snippets of the main articles found on your site and link these to your main site.

Anyone within those networks who come across those pages and sites can then click through to your main site where the email form is found.  They only take a few minutes to add content to them; it can help in backlink and search engine traffic. Best of all, they are free to set up.

There are many networks that can be used as satellite sites, the main aim here is to create your own mini network or dare I say it, web to catch and filter people to your main site.

So you don’t get too bogged down with information I have written it in two parts. Part 2 of 10 Free list Building Methods. Building an Email List for Free. Have fun – Quentin the (High Priest) Minion

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: No 2 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.

Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

9 Mar

Interesting title isn’t it? I know what you are thinking, what am I going on about. All will be revealed as I go along. Here at the Minions lair I caused a fair bit of belly laughing from our glorious Leader when I arrived the other day with a near shaved head, had I admitted that I would like to spend more time sat cross legged in deep meditative contemplation in the far corner of the room I might have killed our glorious Leader with excessive laughter.

Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

I have over the years taken a bit of a liking to Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy and should you ask me some questions I am sure I could answer them fairly easy. Had you asked me 5 years ago I wouldn’t have had a clue. Originally I thought Buddhists were just a bunch of cool looking kick ass Kung Fu dudes from a Chinese temple!

What I now know did not just appear in my head over night, no, it has come about from spending plenty of time and money buying books, watching documentaries and learning from those who already know everything there is to know about Buddhism.  Buddhists!

I didn’t learn from a Christian, and I didn’t read books written by Jews but I did read books from Buddhists themselves. I am not saying that there are not Jews or Christians who have no idea on Buddhism, I am sure there are many who like to discuss and learn other peoples faiths and theologies, but what I am saying is that to learn about a something then usually there is no better substitute than to learn from someone who lives it and knows all there is to know about that subject.

The same is said for my last career, before I became a Minion I worked in the building trades, surrounded by bricklayers, plasterers electricians and carpenters. Guess what? Not one of those men knew how to do what they did without learning it all from an older and wiser tradesmen.

While at college they were taught by men who had spent several decades working on building sites or in workshops but had now moved in to teaching, passing their knowledge on to the ‘wet behind the ears’ apprentices as they approached retirement. Since the trades are often very physical teaching is part of the slowing down process many tradesmen seem to do.

If I said that the bricklayers were taught by hairdressers and the Buddhist monks were taught by communists you would think I had lost the plot and was talking complete rubbish.

So why is it then when we want to change our financial situation, or change our lifestyle we often avoid copying or learning from those who have done it?

If the person has made it, and the system works then why are we so afraid to learn from them. The internet has been the breeding ground for many scallywags so this can cause an irrational fear of being ‘scammed’ but why?

Not once did I think any book on Buddhism that I bought or any of my college teachers were going to give me dud information, so why should I think that of anyone who has made money?

If you ever held that view, or perhaps still do it’s unlikely you’ll ever progress or change the financial situation you are in now, which would be a great shame.

In the early 1900s Wallace D. Wattles wrote the classic book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and he said that ‘A person will not get rich by doing certain things; he will get rich by doing things in a certain way’

Am I right in guessing that you probably don’t know that certain way? I can tell you the successful person does. Is it time you learned from them? Of course it is.

What I can also tell you is that with thanks to the availability of email and ‘certain’ methods many people have changed their financial situations around by taking the tools they have at their fingertips and using them in a ‘certain way’.

One such person is. Well yes you guessed it, our Glorious Leader.

Tim Lowe has used marketing methods to make over £17 million pounds in the last 9 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if just a fraction of that would make you happy, or at least make your life a lot more comfortable.  For our Glorious Leader to earn that money he did ‘certain things in certain ways’ and they are available to you, you just need to be shown what they are and how to do them. ‘Simplsk ‘as a ‘certain’ Meerkat would say.

Now Tim Lowe is offering to guide you every step of the way as he helps you unlock the secret to earning up to £1000 a day …you can take advantage of this offer and even get started today simply click here now Ten Minute Marketer


Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: The Co-Op and The Content Rich Authority Site

7 Mar

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: Idea 1

As part of our work here at the Minions lair we work hard at trying to discover or invent new ideas that can help you profit by using the Internet. This idea came about while writing a post covering the different types of money making websites.

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

I wrote about the massive content sites which have become known as Authority sites. These sites dominate Google, think of Wikipedia or YouTube. Both sites appear high in the rankings because of the amount of pages they have covering virtually every aspect on the planet.

They are knee deep in content rich pages which are linked to by thousands if not millions of other smaller sites.  Wikipedia does not run any advertising system but if it did it would generate millions. YouTube does, and it is because of the power, size and earning potential that YouTube had that drove Google to buy it for $1.65 billion.

Creating a content rich site in order to make advertising revenue is not easy. They require new and unique content to be added daily. The more pages that are added which are keyword rich cannot fail to find traffic, traffic that will share and spread the site across the four corners of the web by linking to it.

One person alone cannot write ten articles a day, or record several video tutorials and slide shows that need to be upload to a site along with the SEO and social media pushing that is required to help get the website its first few thousand visitors.

A lot of the content creation can be outsourced but it will be costly. A good writer can charge double figures for a high quality and unique 800 word article. So getting ten done a day can cost you thousands over the space of a month. For your site to build and not disappear into the cyber ether it will need quality content being added regularly

So here comes the first of our Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

You create a co-operative team of content creators; they can be writers, video creators or podcast makers covering every aspect of a niche subject with the understanding once the site becomes content rich and has large visitor numbers you all equally share the revenue that is earned from the site.  

For example, what if you loved a variety of sports; you played in several teams and had a large group of likeminded sport loving friends. Could you not amass a team of ten close friends who all loved sport, who can all write one article a day?

Writing one article a day is far easier than trying to do ten, could one of the team take on an editorial role, while one deals with the uploading of the posts? Or each person could have login details to a WordPress site and upload their finished post themselves once it is finished to the required standard and format that you have all agreed on.

This could then start to build a content based website that will soon get noticed if all of the ten writers push the site via social media and forums. Once traffic is starting to visit the site in large numbers you are open then to start selling advertising space on your site. You could open up a Google Adsense account and several accounts with CPA Networks like Maxbounty and Neverblue. (They can be notoriously hard to get accepted by but if you have a large site with large visitor numbers that will help immensely)

CPA (Cost Per Action) offers are similar to Google Adsense but instead of being paid when someone clicks through an advert you get paid when someone buys something or submits an email address.

It doesn’t have to be just advertising that makes you the money. Each post can have an affiliate link to a product that it could be reviewing or a local business that could pay you to promote it. The opportunities are endless once you have a large number of monthly visitors.

The niche that you choose is up to you, there are so many niches and styles of website about. You could create a small team that builds a site similar to the YouTube or Flickr style of massive content site where other people supply and upload the content; you maintain the running of the site and reap the advertising revenue.

When building up a large content site disc space is an issue, when you are constantly uploading images, videos and articles they will eat up storage space. provides a professional hosting package with a domain for as little as $72 a year, with ten of you working together that is only $7.20 per person a year! I shall repeat that…

$7.20 per Person a YEAR!

What is the price of a well-known branded coffee these days? How can you not give this idea a go?

If you get bored and pack up after several months (by then you should be seeing results) what have you lost? I have lost far more pulling my handkerchief out of my pocket! I have wasted more buying late night pizza when I wasn’t hungry after a night out with my fellow Minions!

Between a few of you, exactly what is $72 a year if not a great investment on a slice of internet real estate that could bring in a lot of money?

Take the Huffington Post as another example, a website that had content added regularly, it built up into a very popular and profitable site which was bought by AOL for the impressive sum of $315 million. Now how does that sound to you?

You may not build a site that big, but could you do a site that covered everything in your county or state? With reviews and suggestions for restaurants, courses, holiday homes, weekend retreat spots, nightclubs, sporting activities, property to rent and buy? I cannot see why not, can you?

So with that I shall leave you to ponder on today’s first idea of the series.

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

Why it is important to have dual admin for your Facebook page.

21 Feb

We have been told that having a Facebook Page is great for business and that we should have one to which I agree, however there are some little points that I think you should take on board to protect your pages. Now I know that you are using your business page for good proper business and not out to spam or scam people as some have in the past but it is wise to know that should anyone take a grudge and cause issues with you, Facebook can and will close down your account. When I say account I mean your own personal account.

Now if that happens, you can always set up another later, as far as I know they are not that tetchy that they ban your IP address, in reality that cannot work as there can be several people sharing the same IP via wireless or some other shared set up.

The problems is this, you will lose your page to never be accessed again. The page may hover somewhere within Facebook for a while, you can visit them and post to the wall but only as a fan so your post will not appear in the newsfeeds of the page’s fans. You will have lost all of your admin rights.

This is why you need at least 2 admins per page, a good trusting friend or family member is the best choice for dual admin of your pages. As long as their account is used properly as a personal account should be. With that I mean it is used regularly, interacts with a high number of friends, and has photos on it etc., as you would expect a personal account would. 

Facebook dual admins

People have set up false accounts which is against Facebook’s T&Cs, created Pages that were spamming the good folk of Facebook and when Facebook start getting complaints about such pages they investigate, so what do you think happens when they take one look at the admin of these nuisance sites and sees that the admin has nothing to show whatsoever?  Now as I said earlier, I know you are not doing that but having dual admin is just a precautionary step I think everyone should take just in case you are unfortunate to feel the wrath of Facebook, justified or not.

At least you do not lose all of your fans or access to the page and through your other admins account, business is resumed.

Adding another admin to a page is very easy, it really is no harder than a couple of clicks, (oh and retyping your password once) Once your friend or family member has agreed to become page admin, ask them to like the page, it is easier to do this together, once they have clicked ‘Like’ you will get a notification that you have a new ‘Like’ on your page. 

Facebook dual admins

Click the notification for the list of new fans to appear.

Facebook dual admins

Go down to the bottom and click on ‘See All’. Another window will open with more people and that all important ‘Make Admin’ button. 

Facebook dual admins

Once you found your soon to be admin in the list of new fans click on the ‘Make Admin’ button. Another window will open up with a list of all admins including the one you are adding. 

Facebook dual admins

When you see this screen hit ‘Save Changes’ and  that is nearly it, Facebook will ask you to re-enter your password and maybe ask you to do a ‘Capture Code’ before the changes are fully saved and that is it. Simplssssk as a certain Meerkat would say. – Andi the Minion

Why You Should Build a Lasting Relationship between You the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.

21 Feb

Guest blogging is all the rage at the moment with blogging ‘Gurus’ telling you all about the great traffic benefits of guest blogging on other peoples sites. And you would be right to listen; they do bring in good traffic if you post to really great blogs. The writer gets exposure and many important backlinks as well as a new audience who are likely to visit your site to read more!

Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.

But there is one important thing guest bloggers fail to do, and that is to create a great long lasting relationship with the owners of the blogs they have posted to. To many newbie bloggers guest posting is where they write as many posts for as many blogs as they can and do the cyber equivalent to a ‘drive by shooting’. Posts and articles are pinging off to every corner of the blogosphere.

This is great for traffic if the blogs have a high readership and that your posts are of great quality. But then what? Do you do it just the once? Of course not. It would be good if you can write great guest posts regularly for several different sites.  

But for that to happen you need to establish a relationship with the site. Site owners/editors may not grant you another guest posting slot if you just road off into the sunset, holding several of their readers under your arms without saying a word.

Networking is a must, keeping in touch with the editors or site owners regularly or even doing post swaps would be a fantastic way to build that all important relationship. Even commenting on their posts with helpful tips could go in favour for you doing another guest posting.

Having a network of great blogs that you can contribute to regularly is a far better way to get traffic to your own blog. Imagine writing to loads of blogs then doing nothing again, you will get some visitors from your posts but then your name and post will disappear into the archives.

However if there were a few sites that you constantly wrote for, your name will become recognizable, and if readers of your past posts like what you wrote, they are more likely to read your new post and re visit your site. The same is advised if you have a Facebook Fan Page. Interacting regularly with other pages creates a friendship that will help you to ‘go places.’

As for the blogs, yours and theirs, the benefit of having a network of great writers is that you will find people who can add content to your site without you having to do so much of the work. That is, as long as the articles and posts are in keeping with the style and feel of your site.

[Blogging For Profit]

So many opportunities can arise from having a network of writers, editors and site owners. You may get recommended by one of your new friends to write for other blogs that they have a relationship with giving you even more exposure. Being recommended as a guest blogger to other sites is powerful. A recommendation is great for business, it is great for your reputation and that alone can open doors.

Keeping in contact these days is not hard to do so do not use the excuse ‘I am too busy’ or even ‘it’s not worth it’ Believe me, it is worth it. Most bloggers these days use Social Media to increase traffic and build relationships with their readers and customers. You can also keep in contact with your new blogging buddies by posting comments, questions or answers to their Facebook or Twitter Pages. Bloggers use these platforms to let their readers know when they have posted new content, replying with comments or information gets your name out in front of new people which again is good for traffic and being seen.

After all, why do you have a blog if you do not want people to know it’s there? And they will not know it’s there if they are not shown. Writing your posts are important but getting them, your name and your blog name out in front of as many people as you can is the name of the game. To help win the game, I recommend you start networking, besides it’s a lot cheaper and effective than Google Adwords.