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Our latest and greatest blog post

2 Aug

I have been busy recently, writing eBooks and reports, creating videos, newsletters and a whole lot more. So I have not been adding stuff to here for a while but I have been adding stuff to the main site so here is a short list of some of our latest and greatest posts. Please feel free to go and take a proper look. 

How To Make A Podcast For FREE

In this post I go into great detail showing you how to make Podcasts for free. Podcasts are excellent for communicating your thoughts and ideas to your readers and followers. They make great content for blogs, they make great products, they can be given away for free or sold. Ideal for traffic and very easy to make, is it time you had a go at making your own Podcasts?

Blogging Tips: Why YOU need to be your blog!

In this post I talk about why it is important to have a personality behind your blog. A blog without it can and will be seen as a faceless money sucking corporation un-contactable and potentially un-trustworthy. So, do you add any personality to your site? If not is it time to start?

10 Real Make Money Online Ideas eBook

This is a wonderful eBook I put together; I say it’s wonderful not to be big headed even though it is good J but because we Minions compiled 10 great ways to make money from home starting as soon as you have finished reading it and for very little start-up costs. Some require none. It is worth getting and downloading, have a read and start something or at least share it on. J

Internet Business Opportunities: Turning $5 into $50 and more.

Another post full of great ideas that could be turned into an online business relatively cheaply and quickly using other people to do the bulk of the work for you. You become the middleman and cream off profits from putting the needs and skills of two separate parties together.

TweetAdder Review: Building a List of Followers on Autopilot!

This is a video review of an awesome piece of software that we use with Twitter. I love it and I think you need to see it in action to understand what this software can do for you.

How to Create and Format an eBook

Another one of my longer and seriously helpful posts, this one comes with a downloadable version on PDF and also comes with an eBook template for you to download so you can start to create your own eBook following our guide. Very easy to do, once you have read how to create your eBook with our report there will be nothing stopping you!!

Tim’s Minions Interviews – Yaro Starak

We Minion’s were very lucky to get an interview with the legendary Yaro Starak, I could say something about him here but no, I urge you to read the interview. It is awesome, and seriously inspiring. J

Andi Leeman Interview – How To Get Started By Getting A Blogging Job

And finally, I wasn’t going to add this as it is self-promotion but here is the written interview I did for Matt Smith on his Online Income Teacher site J


Sex, Lies Rinsing Guys & the Profitable Small Home Business Ideas

16 May

Sooo did anyone see the ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ documentary on TV last night here in the UK? Interesting title as there was no sex involved and not al lot of lies, some but not a lot. 

The documentary followed women who made it their career to receive ‘gifts’ from extremely wealthy men for hmmm nothing really.

What did interest me though was how money was made and what people (men) were willing to pay. One guy paid £200 for less than 20 minutes of humiliating ’ you are worthless’ kind of insults from one woman over a web cam connection. You could hear him muttering ‘Yes Mistress, no Mistress’

Read Full Post Here!

The woman pictured here, charged £50 for 10 minutes to talk on Skype (she is a glamour model but there was no nudity or adult conversation on the call). £50!! for 10 minutes talking! Really?

Now I do not want you all to rush off and try this but at least see what potential there is for making money using free and easy to use software.

These men were essentially lonely, they were paying to talk to a beautiful young women. Shallow perhaps, but they were and these ladies capitalized on that. So what else can you do with Skype?

Can you teach a language perhaps? Charging £15 per hour, could you give some life coaching or advice over Skype or a web cam? Could you cheer up lonely men or women?

Read Full Post Here!

I certainly could humiliate a man for 20 minutes but I doubt they would pay for a Dominating Minion. ‘Yes Minion, No Minion… hmmmm I wonder 🙂 – Andi the (installing Skype) Minion

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.

27 Mar

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: No 2 Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.

They say that ‘FREE Is A Magic Number, yes I know it isn’t a number but it is loosely based on the old song ‘Three Is A Magic Number’ by Bob Dorough.

Small Home Business Ideas Internet Business Opportunities Video Tutorials & Affiliate Commissions.

The idea behind it is that when you give away great quality content for free people will love you and come back for more. They will trust you and respect you.

After all in this world where a lot of people are trying to take everything for nothing and scam people out of their hard earned cash, when you give something of value away for nothing then it is appreciated greatly and leaves a great impression in the mind of the person who has received your free information.

So here comes the second of our Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

This idea is based on creating great quality free video tutorials and generating affiliate commissions from the products and services you show how to use in the tutorials.

As an example, there are people who do not know how to register a domain, get a hosting account, point the domain to the hosting companies name servers, add and set up a WordPress site including installing all the right plugins.

Well here is what you do, if you know how to do those things, you create a series of easy to follow tutorials showing exactly what you do, you upload the videos to YouTube then create a Worpress site where you embed the videos. Below each video you have some text and an affiliate link to the relevant places like

·         GoDaddy – Domain Registration

·         Hostgator – Hosting account

·         Woo Themes – Premium WordPress Themes.

The videos can be about anything as long as you can find a good relevant affiliate match for them.

Should you not been good at anything particular that can be made into a video tutorial, why not watch other peoples and follow what they do? Record yourself doing the same thing and set up a site full of tutorials with affiliate offers.

You don’t need to be an expert to start and by the time you have watched, done the thing and created your own videos you will know as much as the expert and more than the average Joe. Should anyone ask you a question you will be in a good enough place to answer them.

If you do not have professional screen capture software like Camtasia you can create the videos using free online software like This software allows you to record 15 minutes of free video before needing to upgrade. There are others that allow you to film 5 minutes of video, one site is

15 minutes is usually long enough for a video tutorial. Most people find it hard to sit and watch long winded tutorials and would rather watch several short videos so if you need longer than 15 minutes for a video it might be better to break it up into shorter parts.

The software will record what you do on the screen, you can have some readymade slide show screens with wording on them that you can refer to when you need to or if you use something like Camtasia you can add these in during the editing.

A screen can have a call to action like ‘to get recommended hosting click on the link below for Hostgator’. If you are unable to add these slides you can add annotations to the video after they have been uploaded to YouTube. Annotations can have the same call to actions in them.

If you have your header graphic done at a company then you could possibly do a video on uploading and placing the graphic into the WordPress site and again have an affiliate link below the video to the design company.

There are so many possible slants to this idea, with free and affordable WordPress themes designed to embed mainly video a site can be made and filled with tutorials surrounded by Google Adsense and affiliate offers.

[Internet Business Opportunities: Highly Profitable Platforms.]

So many videos can be given away free in exchange for an email address to build an email list to promote to. To get the rest of the videos in the series they need to give you their email address and you can send them the rest.

You could charge up front for access to the videos as a tutorial course once you have made them which goes against the free model here however you could use something like Media Pass that allows you to lock so many videos behind a pay to see wall.

A few videos can be offered for free with affiliate links and then the rest can be locked behind the Media Pass wall. These can be the all-important videos that are needed to finish off the project or take it to the next level.

I have heard of one guy who built a website using other peoples Yoga videos that he sourced on YouTube then charged a monthly membership fee, but that is an idea for another day.

So with that I shall leave you to ponder on today’s idea in the series. – Andi the Minion

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities No 1