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2 Aug

I have been busy recently, writing eBooks and reports, creating videos, newsletters and a whole lot more. So I have not been adding stuff to here for a while but I have been adding stuff to the main site so here is a short list of some of our latest and greatest posts. Please feel free to go and take a proper look. 

How To Make A Podcast For FREE

In this post I go into great detail showing you how to make Podcasts for free. Podcasts are excellent for communicating your thoughts and ideas to your readers and followers. They make great content for blogs, they make great products, they can be given away for free or sold. Ideal for traffic and very easy to make, is it time you had a go at making your own Podcasts?


Blogging Tips: Why YOU need to be your blog!

In this post I talk about why it is important to have a personality behind your blog. A blog without it can and will be seen as a faceless money sucking corporation un-contactable and potentially un-trustworthy. So, do you add any personality to your site? If not is it time to start?


10 Real Make Money Online Ideas eBook

This is a wonderful eBook I put together; I say it’s wonderful not to be big headed even though it is good J but because we Minions compiled 10 great ways to make money from home starting as soon as you have finished reading it and for very little start-up costs. Some require none. It is worth getting and downloading, have a read and start something or at least share it on. J


Internet Business Opportunities: Turning $5 into $50 and more.

Another post full of great ideas that could be turned into an online business relatively cheaply and quickly using other people to do the bulk of the work for you. You become the middleman and cream off profits from putting the needs and skills of two separate parties together.


TweetAdder Review: Building a List of Followers on Autopilot!

This is a video review of an awesome piece of software that we use with Twitter. I love it and I think you need to see it in action to understand what this software can do for you.


How to Create and Format an eBook

Another one of my longer and seriously helpful posts, this one comes with a downloadable version on PDF and also comes with an eBook template for you to download so you can start to create your own eBook following our guide. Very easy to do, once you have read how to create your eBook with our report there will be nothing stopping you!!


Tim’s Minions Interviews – Yaro Starak

We Minion’s were very lucky to get an interview with the legendary Yaro Starak, I could say something about him here but no, I urge you to read the interview. It is awesome, and seriously inspiring. J


Andi Leeman Interview – How To Get Started By Getting A Blogging Job

And finally, I wasn’t going to add this as it is self-promotion but here is the written interview I did for Matt Smith on his Online Income Teacher site J



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