SportsSure Trading Programme

18 Nov

Today I want to tell you about SportSure Trading Programme by Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler Reid. I have written a few posts over at the main blog but I wanted to give you a quick heads up about the programme here.

Sportsure Trading is the monthly course where you will be taught everything you need to know about how to make serious amounts of money trading big sporting events using betting exchanges like BetFair.

Bet exchanges are not bookmakers, they allow you to place opposing bets known as lay and back bets. What this means is that you can trade the sporting events and take money from those who are simply gambling.

When you find a football game for example that has the right odds and criteria you place an opening trade. This can be either a lay bet or a back bet. As the game progresses the odds will change as gamblers start throwing more money at the game. When the time is right, and the games odds have changed enough for you to make a profit you ‘green up’ and place an opposing closing trade.

‘Greening up’ is the name for determining the amount of money you need to place the closing trade so that you are left with a profit.

Tony and Pauline both regularly make thousands of pounds a month trading the bet exchanges. Pauline likes to trade football matches while she does the ironing and housework whereas Tony prefers to trade while watching the games.

Sposrtsure Trading Programme will release a new method each month where you will learn a new way to trade a sporting event. For example, you might trade a game when a goal is scored and then exit that trade when a set time has elapsed which is usually statistically shorter than when the next goal is scored so you have closed the trade before you lose money.

Another method could be to trade a football match when the game has been stopped by the referee to show a card or substitute a player. When this happens the odds are often changing as gamblers panic and throw money into the game.

A football game is only suspended when a goal is scored so money cannot move until the referee re starts the game however with other stops like red cards, corners, injuries or substitutions the game continues including the money going into the game and this can dramatically affect the odds meaning you can wait for the game to restart and then trade out with a profit.

You can learn a lot fantastic trading methods in the Sportsure Trading Programme from Pauline and Tony. To learn more click the link here


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