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Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

9 Mar

Interesting title isn’t it? I know what you are thinking, what am I going on about. All will be revealed as I go along. Here at the Minions lair I caused a fair bit of belly laughing from our glorious Leader when I arrived the other day with a near shaved head, had I admitted that I would like to spend more time sat cross legged in deep meditative contemplation in the far corner of the room I might have killed our glorious Leader with excessive laughter.

Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

I have over the years taken a bit of a liking to Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy and should you ask me some questions I am sure I could answer them fairly easy. Had you asked me 5 years ago I wouldn’t have had a clue. Originally I thought Buddhists were just a bunch of cool looking kick ass Kung Fu dudes from a Chinese temple!

What I now know did not just appear in my head over night, no, it has come about from spending plenty of time and money buying books, watching documentaries and learning from those who already know everything there is to know about Buddhism.  Buddhists!

I didn’t learn from a Christian, and I didn’t read books written by Jews but I did read books from Buddhists themselves. I am not saying that there are not Jews or Christians who have no idea on Buddhism, I am sure there are many who like to discuss and learn other peoples faiths and theologies, but what I am saying is that to learn about a something then usually there is no better substitute than to learn from someone who lives it and knows all there is to know about that subject.

The same is said for my last career, before I became a Minion I worked in the building trades, surrounded by bricklayers, plasterers electricians and carpenters. Guess what? Not one of those men knew how to do what they did without learning it all from an older and wiser tradesmen.

While at college they were taught by men who had spent several decades working on building sites or in workshops but had now moved in to teaching, passing their knowledge on to the ‘wet behind the ears’ apprentices as they approached retirement. Since the trades are often very physical teaching is part of the slowing down process many tradesmen seem to do.

If I said that the bricklayers were taught by hairdressers and the Buddhist monks were taught by communists you would think I had lost the plot and was talking complete rubbish.

So why is it then when we want to change our financial situation, or change our lifestyle we often avoid copying or learning from those who have done it?

If the person has made it, and the system works then why are we so afraid to learn from them. The internet has been the breeding ground for many scallywags so this can cause an irrational fear of being ‘scammed’ but why?

Not once did I think any book on Buddhism that I bought or any of my college teachers were going to give me dud information, so why should I think that of anyone who has made money?

If you ever held that view, or perhaps still do it’s unlikely you’ll ever progress or change the financial situation you are in now, which would be a great shame.

In the early 1900s Wallace D. Wattles wrote the classic book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and he said that ‘A person will not get rich by doing certain things; he will get rich by doing things in a certain way’

Am I right in guessing that you probably don’t know that certain way? I can tell you the successful person does. Is it time you learned from them? Of course it is.

What I can also tell you is that with thanks to the availability of email and ‘certain’ methods many people have changed their financial situations around by taking the tools they have at their fingertips and using them in a ‘certain way’.

One such person is. Well yes you guessed it, our Glorious Leader.

Tim Lowe has used marketing methods to make over £17 million pounds in the last 9 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if just a fraction of that would make you happy, or at least make your life a lot more comfortable.  For our Glorious Leader to earn that money he did ‘certain things in certain ways’ and they are available to you, you just need to be shown what they are and how to do them. ‘Simplsk ‘as a ‘certain’ Meerkat would say.

Now Tim Lowe is offering to guide you every step of the way as he helps you unlock the secret to earning up to £1000 a day …you can take advantage of this offer and even get started today simply click here now Ten Minute Marketer



Affiliate marketing – Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.

13 Feb

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and best ways to make money online, in a nut shell, you get paid to sell other peoples products without having to buy, hold or post any products yourself. This method 

Affiliate Marketing Blog

has made a lot of money for a lot of people.

There are many ways to promote an affiliate product online but one of the best is by having an affiliate marketing blog. Simply building a content based blog that has affiliate offers on it is a great way to make money as you are not actually selling.

By adding plenty of regular useful content that is free for the visitor to read is great as it builds up your online presence and builds up a trustworthiness and confidence in you with your visitors. The content is free without any form of commitment which visitors will love and keep coming back for more, as long as you add new great content regularly. New content is great for search engine rankings too. They love fresh and regular content.

When reading your posts and reviews the reader will see your affiliate adverts showing down the sides of the blog and embedded into your content as links. They will be seen by the reader as something there for them to ‘choose’ to buy if they so wish. Without any high pressure selling from you.

Because you are not actually selling but merely recommending certain products that you have handpicked, the visitor that now trusts you will be more happier to go that ‘step further’ and visit the product through your link. Resulting in a higher chance of them buying and you making an affiliate commission.

By having a blog you are distancing yourself from the other affiliate marketers who are promoting the same products and at the same time developing an authority within your chosen niche. Visitors love an authority figure! They buy recommended items from authority figures. When Oprah Winfrey recommended a book on her show, sales of that book would increase immensely.

A blog also has the feel of a forum or discussion board where people can ask questions or leave comments on your posts, if you leave the comments section open. Giving you the opportunity to answer them with advice or reassurances. People love interaction and reassurances. It’s great for business.

The great thing about a blog is that you can change the products as and when needed. If you have a steady stream of regular readers, you are getting new products out in front of loyal followers. Something other affiliate marketers cannot do when they are using other marketing methods.

Please remember, blogging is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to start an online affiliate marketing business. And it starts your business in the right way, giving great regular content, building up a following of loyal fans, getting love from people like Google and creating you an online presence as an authority. These can only add up to one thing, a great business for you.