Creating Audio Versions Of Your Posts With

16 Aug

After chatting with a fellow blogger about the pros and cons of having an audio version of each post on your blog I came across an awesome online service that will allow you to create a really impressive recording of your post in minutes. SoundGecko is a free service ( not sure if that will change) and an awesome one at that.

Some people may struggle reading text on screens or have little time spare to read or simply by chose decide that they do not want to read and would rather listen to your posts as Podcasts. By not having an audio version that can be downloaded, listened to later and shared you are missing out on a really good method of building a following for your blog.

On our main site I published an easy to follow step by step guide on how to create and install an audio version of your own blog posts using SoundgGecko and PodPress plugin. Click the image above or the link below to read the full post and see for yourself how easy it really is. you will have audio versions of your posts in no time!

Creating Audio Versions Of Your Posts With


One Response to “Creating Audio Versions Of Your Posts With”

  1. craftingextraordinary August 16, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    This is great. I’ll definitely be checking it out.

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