30 Apr

Internet Marketing is often pushed as the one man band way of making great money and many times this is the case, if you can find good quality people to outsource the bulk of the work to and you have the funds then this can be a great business for the individual.

"Why Two Heads Are Better Than One"

You play the role similar to a property developer, assigning jobs to the people with the skills, pay them when the work is done then reap the profits. Outsourcing in the internet marketing world is exactly the same.

However there are many stories of people having nightmare experiences with people they have outsourced work to. Even people on the well-established sites like Elance and Odesk who have great reputations and reviews can still be too good to be true and end up delivering bad unusable work.

Many outsourcers come from countries that are emerging economies, which means they are in the transitional stage of leaving third world status, people from these countries can be very cheap but because of modern technology and the internet they can have the expertise that you need.

Their skills can be as good as and in many cases better than people you find in places like the UK and the US with the added bonus of a desire to really better themselves and their lifestyles resulting in a far better work ethic at a fraction of the cost. There are some real gems to be found out there.

Problems can arise however when you want written content or videos made, whilst they may have excellent English skills, and their Elance accounts can show that, English is not the native language and they do not read English as regular as you and I.

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