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30 Apr

Internet Marketing is often pushed as the one man band way of making great money and many times this is the case, if you can find good quality people to outsource the bulk of the work to and you have the funds then this can be a great business for the individual.

"Why Two Heads Are Better Than One"

You play the role similar to a property developer, assigning jobs to the people with the skills, pay them when the work is done then reap the profits. Outsourcing in the internet marketing world is exactly the same.

However there are many stories of people having nightmare experiences with people they have outsourced work to. Even people on the well-established sites like Elance and Odesk who have great reputations and reviews can still be too good to be true and end up delivering bad unusable work.

Many outsourcers come from countries that are emerging economies, which means they are in the transitional stage of leaving third world status, people from these countries can be very cheap but because of modern technology and the internet they can have the expertise that you need.

Their skills can be as good as and in many cases better than people you find in places like the UK and the US with the added bonus of a desire to really better themselves and their lifestyles resulting in a far better work ethic at a fraction of the cost. There are some real gems to be found out there.

Problems can arise however when you want written content or videos made, whilst they may have excellent English skills, and their Elance accounts can show that, English is not the native language and they do not read English as regular as you and I.

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Internet Business Opportunities: Highly Profitable Platforms.

16 Mar

After the feedback from my articles covering Massive Content sites I decided to go into more detail about the platform sites. These are massive content rich sites but unlike the Huffington Post and Techcrunch where the owners upload the content themselves, these are built by the sites users.

Internet Business Opportunities highly profitable platform sites

A platform site is a site like YouTube and Fiverr where the user submits all the content and the owners do the maintaining of the site. A platform site works best when done in a specific niche like YouTube which was created for video and video only.

Take as an example, the site was designed and marketed to get people to post mini ads, those mini ads cover everything from jobs to selling houses.

Gumtree make money from showing several adverts on each page, there are sponsored adverts both top and bottom of each page. With thousands of people posting mini ads in cities and Countries across the world there are a lot of adverts shown and a lot of people are seeing them.

Platform sites are not as easy to make as a simple WordPress site, a proper web developer will need to be employed to create the functionality you need as well as a great looking design that will make people want to use your site.

Functionality and user friendly set up is very important with these types of sites. If a user finds it hard to use the site or navigate around it they will not use the site or return.

There are other ways to make money from Platform sites, one way is to offer a free user account where people can upload their videos, pictures or pdfs or whatever service the site offers. The free account comes with either monthly upload limits, or has adverts placed all over their account pages.

The site owners then make more money by charging a monthly fee to get access to the premium service that removes the advertising, increases the upload limits or offers more user tools.

Di.Fm is an online internet radio station (That this Minion loves) that links many other internet radio stations under their umbrella, they have audio advert breaks between music and shows which stop once you pay for the better quality service. They also use adverts on the pages that show the updated radio playlists.

There are several massive content platform sites that you probably use daily and don’t think about. I can think of one that is used by millions each day for hours on end.

Facebook, Heard of it? Yes of course you have.

Doesn’t cost you anything to use, and all the content is added by you, the user. Now we know that Facebook employs a lot of people now, and is constantly changing which isn’t cheap, but I am sure you are aware that Mr Z was the youngest billionaire and that Facebook is worth more than the amount needed to pay off some countries debt!

But I am sure you are getting the idea here; take Ezine Articles for another example, a site that has thousands of users adding content to the site every day. The idea is simple a one, a site was created where the user would add their own articles that they would happily allow other people to use as website, newsletter and email content with the condition that the Author information and links must be kept in place.

If articles were taken and used elsewhere on the web it created A) a viral affect and B) important links back to the user’s website helping in both traffic and ranking.

Since Google has changed its searching process and relevant content rules article directories are not as powerful as they once were. They are still a great way though to get your content and website address seen.

The Co-Op and The Content Rich Authority Site

But more importantly from the site owners perspective, they built a site that had users coming to the site looking for articles to use or posting articles to be used. The content creation was completely from an external source. With thousands of visitors a week they were able to have many adverts shown to thousands of eyes.

Now they have to make sure the site has plenty of storage, that it is always live and do any maintenance that is needed as well check each article to make sure that they fit within the sites rules so there is now plenty of work for the Ezine people to do, they just don’t need to worry about content which for an online business is the biggest issue.

They now have a paid membership service that gives the big article writers a quicker submission service where they can upload more than the free account and get them live quicker. Ezine Articles are cashing in from a monthly premium service, and yet the content for the site is still from an external source.

You pay them and still provide the sites content, the content that helped it become a massive content rich site.

Well I shall leave that with you, I am sure you can think of some great idea that could be the next Ezine Articles or YouTube, or at least something that will help you leave the day job and create a life living on automated passive income. Now wouldn’t that be nice? – Andi the (content site loving) Minion

Internet Business Opportunities: Highly Profitable Platforms.

Self Publishing Tips: Blogging to the Book Store and the Bank.

12 Mar

After hearing yet another success story that has grown from the world of self-publishing authors I decided to do another post on the subject. I wanted to talk about why having a blog has helped self-published

Blogging to the Book Store and the Bank

 authors and how they can help you too.

Today I read about Clair Ridgway, she is a self-published author who recently published her first non-fiction book ‘The Anne Boleyn Collection’. Within 3 weeks she had sold 1024 copies. It was available as a paperback and digital format on Amazon.

What I found interesting about this book is this; the book is 260 pages long made up of the best articles from her own successful blog The blog is a historical blog telling the story of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and the Tudors.

Now what is important here is this, even though I find history interesting to a degree, I and many of my close friends and family will not spend hours reading about the Tudor times.

In fact I know people who would rather stick their face against freshly painted walls just so they could really enjoy the mind bending excitement that comes from watching it dry.

There are people though who do enjoy history, but not all history, they prefer one small specific part of history. It is fair to say that it probably is a relatively small amount of people who enjoy learning about the Tudors.


Ms Ridgway had built a blog around a very specific niche and made it successful. She, like every other blog owner, would write and upload new posts regularly. These posts are available to everyone on a daily basis. The people who visit the blog regularly can read them as many times as they want.

But here is the incredible thing, after creating a book from the best posts on the blog, she went on to sell over 1000 copies in 3 weeks. To who though? I am sure there will be buyers who have never seen the blog, there may have been some marketing and Social Media pushes going on but I believe it is safe to say that the majority of buyers are regular readers of the blog.

So why would anyone buy something that they have access to for free?

The same reason that our Glorious Leader likes to sell DVDs, people like to have something to hold, something to take with them. A book can be read on a train or late at night tucked up in bed. There are no connection issues, having to lug around a big laptop, getting annoyed by flashing adverts or simply getting stuck on Facebook and Twitter.

Even though people have access to your content for free they are happy to buy it in a condensed collection.

The other great point I want to get across is that by building up a successful blog you create a following of loyal fans, who see you as a trustworthy authority figure and like all other types of fans (think of music for instance, fans will buy several live versions of the same song even though they may not sound as good as the studio version) they will buy more of your stuff.

Having a blog not only builds you up a fan base but having a fan base builds you up more opportunities to sell your own stuff. Like a collection of best blog posts maybe? 🙂

John Locke is another successful self-published author who used his blog and Twitter creatively to create exposure for his books. He wrote and published a short 550 word blog post called ’Why I Love Joe Paterno and My Mom!’ The article was about the head coach of the American football team the Penn State Nittany Lions. John Locke chose Joe Paterno because he is a huge fan of the man and also there was an important game approaching.

He then did a search on Twitter for the term Penn State, he found hundreds of people were Tweeting about the forth coming game, he took the first 100 people, sent them a message telling them that he thought they might be interested in the post he wrote.

People went to the blog and shared his message with friends and family. After visiting the post people would look around his blog at other things he had written, they would see his books and noticed a similar style of writing to his blog posts.

People started to buy his books and sharing the links, things started to change for John, as he said in an interview with the Daily Mail ‘One day I wrote the blog, the next day I was successful,

Self-publishing is no different to any other form of Internet Marketing. It is all about exposure. Getting as much exposure as possible and leaving a memorable impression on people.

Traffic Generation tips For Self Published Authors

Thinking of what John Locke did, any blog can have a page dedicated to trending news, thoughts or quotes. Quotes are often searched for, so a page of quotes from the world’s best authors can have people coming to your site for free, reading the quotes then looking around the rest of your site.

Another self-published author with his own blog is Kerry Wilkinson. His blog is a straight forward author blog and can be found sitting nicely at the top slot in Google for his name.  But it’s not his blog that I want to talk about.

Kerry Wilkinson is a 31 year old sports journalist who has now signed a six book deal with a publishing house after his first 3 self-published books became Amazon best sellers. He started writing books only a year ago and sold 250,000 copies after six months. He did no formal advertising to promote the books.

His reason for writing his first book?

‘I never wrote these books to be published as such, I wrote them to show myself that I could. Basically, for something to do.’ – Kerry Wilkinson

His first book ‘Locked In’ was sold for only £0.99, it was sold cheap to attract further readers for his following books. It has sold over 150,000 copies to date.

There are many great tried and tested methods that can get you exposure, some are free and in the case of Kerry Wilkinson, he got paid to build his fan base. Now that cannot be a bad thing can it?

I believe that if you truly want to use the internet to make money you should seriously consider having a blog. Writing to it regularly not only gets you exposure, recognised as an authority but can in fact, over time, create you a book ready to sell on Amazon.

Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

9 Mar

Interesting title isn’t it? I know what you are thinking, what am I going on about. All will be revealed as I go along. Here at the Minions lair I caused a fair bit of belly laughing from our glorious Leader when I arrived the other day with a near shaved head, had I admitted that I would like to spend more time sat cross legged in deep meditative contemplation in the far corner of the room I might have killed our glorious Leader with excessive laughter.

Buddhism, Bricklaying and Banking Up To A £1000 A Day

I have over the years taken a bit of a liking to Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy and should you ask me some questions I am sure I could answer them fairly easy. Had you asked me 5 years ago I wouldn’t have had a clue. Originally I thought Buddhists were just a bunch of cool looking kick ass Kung Fu dudes from a Chinese temple!

What I now know did not just appear in my head over night, no, it has come about from spending plenty of time and money buying books, watching documentaries and learning from those who already know everything there is to know about Buddhism.  Buddhists!

I didn’t learn from a Christian, and I didn’t read books written by Jews but I did read books from Buddhists themselves. I am not saying that there are not Jews or Christians who have no idea on Buddhism, I am sure there are many who like to discuss and learn other peoples faiths and theologies, but what I am saying is that to learn about a something then usually there is no better substitute than to learn from someone who lives it and knows all there is to know about that subject.

The same is said for my last career, before I became a Minion I worked in the building trades, surrounded by bricklayers, plasterers electricians and carpenters. Guess what? Not one of those men knew how to do what they did without learning it all from an older and wiser tradesmen.

While at college they were taught by men who had spent several decades working on building sites or in workshops but had now moved in to teaching, passing their knowledge on to the ‘wet behind the ears’ apprentices as they approached retirement. Since the trades are often very physical teaching is part of the slowing down process many tradesmen seem to do.

If I said that the bricklayers were taught by hairdressers and the Buddhist monks were taught by communists you would think I had lost the plot and was talking complete rubbish.

So why is it then when we want to change our financial situation, or change our lifestyle we often avoid copying or learning from those who have done it?

If the person has made it, and the system works then why are we so afraid to learn from them. The internet has been the breeding ground for many scallywags so this can cause an irrational fear of being ‘scammed’ but why?

Not once did I think any book on Buddhism that I bought or any of my college teachers were going to give me dud information, so why should I think that of anyone who has made money?

If you ever held that view, or perhaps still do it’s unlikely you’ll ever progress or change the financial situation you are in now, which would be a great shame.

In the early 1900s Wallace D. Wattles wrote the classic book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ and he said that ‘A person will not get rich by doing certain things; he will get rich by doing things in a certain way’

Am I right in guessing that you probably don’t know that certain way? I can tell you the successful person does. Is it time you learned from them? Of course it is.

What I can also tell you is that with thanks to the availability of email and ‘certain’ methods many people have changed their financial situations around by taking the tools they have at their fingertips and using them in a ‘certain way’.

One such person is. Well yes you guessed it, our Glorious Leader.

Tim Lowe has used marketing methods to make over £17 million pounds in the last 9 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if just a fraction of that would make you happy, or at least make your life a lot more comfortable.  For our Glorious Leader to earn that money he did ‘certain things in certain ways’ and they are available to you, you just need to be shown what they are and how to do them. ‘Simplsk ‘as a ‘certain’ Meerkat would say.

Now Tim Lowe is offering to guide you every step of the way as he helps you unlock the secret to earning up to £1000 a day …you can take advantage of this offer and even get started today simply click here now Ten Minute Marketer