10 Free list Building Methods; Building an Email List for Free. Part 1

2 Apr

10 Free list Building Methods. Building an Email List for Free 

free list building methods

The money is in the list, Ha I said it, it seems every Internet Marketer or article even remotely talking about Internet Marketing has said that, I needed to get it out of the way straight off the bat. The fact is though, it is true.

Whenever setting up an online business, or even an off line one, it is very important to build up an email list. Having a data base of existing and potential customers is very important to the survival of your business.

For internet marketers, having a big responsive list of hungry customers is what brings them in the serious money. Once someone has bought from you they generally tend to buy again unless you have done something seriously stupid to offend them.

In fact while we are talking about stupidity, it is more stupid to try and create an online business without creating an email list.

So how do you start building an email list?

Well there are many ways to build an email list, some are paid for and some are free. Google used to be the best paid method until they decided that they no longer wanted people to build an email list to sell to though them. (They would rather do the selling- sneaky)

The fact that many newbie marketers have very little money to invest in building an email list has prompted me to write this article giving you as many free list building methods as I can muster. Use as many as you want but be aware that it is often best to pick one maybe two and really focus on them until you have mastered them and started to get good results.

10 free list building methods. (5 today 5 more later)

Give Away a Free Report/EBook in exchange for email details.

Write a report or EBook on your chosen topic, and give it away for free in exchange for an email. This can be done on the side of your blog or on a dedicated squeeze page. Using an auto responder like Infusionsoft or Aweber you create an email form that will take the person’s name and email then either directs them to the free report/EBook or it emails it to them once they have filled in their details.

This email form is important; it is where you will send people to when using the other free list building methods. You can create more forms on more sites if need be.

The same or similar report/EBook can be sold on Amazon and other EBook retailers for a small cost that is not designed to make money but more as a traffic generation tool.

If you make money then that is a bonus. You cannot get an email address for this method but the book itself can point the reader towards your site where they can sign up for a different report or newsletter if they want more information.

This same report/EBook can be uploaded to PDF and EBook sharing sites like www.scribd.com with your web address or even clickable links in them. Here readers can download your free report, read it and hopefully share with friends. Again this method does not result in an email exchanged for the freebie but can send traffic to your site where they can sign up for more information like a weekly newsletter.

These sites will have a place for you to write a short description of what your report and EBook is about so make it enticing and include a link to your site where the email capture form is.

However, if people find your report useful they will share it with their friends, this is a free method that can have your web address sent all over the internet. Why stop at the one report? Why not create many?

Create Videos for YouTube

YouTube is misunderstood. Many people think it is a place where teenagers go to watch funny viral videos of classic ‘fails’ or dancing cute kittens or something like that.

Actually it is one of the biggest search engines around. People go there to look for videos and information on almost every topic known to man.

Setting up a channel and uploading a series of free helpful videos can go viral and get you a lot of free traffic. Have you seen how many times some of the popular videos have been seen? Millions of people have watched them.

I doubt a tutorial on blogging will have millions of viewers sending it viral however it can drive a lot of traffic over time and having many videos will have plenty of traffic visiting your.

Once uploaded your videos are there for people to see 24/7 sending traffic to your site for years to come. Quietly building an email list for you on autopilot.

If the content of the video is all yours and the videos do become popular you can get a cut of Google Adsense revenue that is made from the adverts shown around your videos if you sign up with YouTube’s partner programme. Bonus!

Videos can come in many forms, from live screen capture tutorials, slide show presentations and standing in front of the camera presentations.

Remember to use annotations and slides showing your web address so the viewer knows where to go. Put a clickable link to your site in the description box with a call to action. Don’t leave them doubting where or why they should go to your site.

To find out how to make quick and great videos Click Here

Build your Email List with List Swaps

This one is fairly self-explanatory; once you have a fairly large list say 2000 people you can go to dedicated websites where you can approach someone with a same size list and do an email swap.

www.Safe-Swaps.com is a site regularly used where you can meet other list owners and arrange to each send an email to their own list promoting the other persons website or free product.

However, please be warned, some very unscrupulous people use list swap to build themselves good lists by raping other peoples lists, they find someone with a list of say 2000 people, they have the owner send an email promoting their product or website.

When it comes to them sending an email to their own list to promote the list swap partners product or site they send an email to a totally useless list of non-responsive people that they have built fast using places like adf.ly.

A large list built for the sole purpose to entice fellow list swappers to do a swap, meaning the unscrupulous list owner can build a high quality responsive list quickly without the usual long term traffic generation headaches.

It would be a shame to build up a good list for you to loose people with a sneaky trick like that and end up with your list possibly polluted with non-interested people. So be careful when picking your list swap partner, go with someone who has history if possible.

Social Media, Facebook, Google+ & Twitter

The great thing about social media is that it is essentially free; you can use Facebook and Google+ to build accompanying pages for your business and grow a list of followers. Twitter can grow you a big list of people who are interested in your products or services but there isn’t a page option like the other two.

With Facebook you can sell products from within their platform but the main reason for having a Facebook pages is to drive fans to your website/blog/squeeze page in order to get them to sign up.

Facebook is more flexible than the rest of the social media networks and can incorporate pages within the page where HTML can be used allowing you to have that all important email form on your Facebook page. Click Here to see one we have.

Using a cheap but very powerful software like Tweetadder, you can automate the follow and un following of people and build a list of people that you can then drive to your website.

Setting the software to do its stuff on autopilot for some tasks and then loading it up with a day’s worth of ‘Tweets’ will make your job a lot easier.

(Please do not go crazy and try to mass follow thousands in a day, Twitter will get wise and close your account, as we say ‘softly softly catch a monkey!’)

When people follow you back a message is sent to them with a welcome/thank you message incorporating your website link.

Investing in Tweetadder is the really only cost for using social media for building your lists unless you do invest money in creating Facebook ads.

I know this is about building an email list using free list building methods but I will briefly talk about Facebook ads. (should you choose to pay for advertising they are cheaper than Google)

Facebook share Google’s approach and do not like traffic being sent to squeeze pages, so it is best to send them in house to a Facebook page (and it’s cheaper) and then you send them outside of Facebook from your page.

Facebook ads can send people to blogs and pages on content rich sites but it is advised to use them to cheaply send the traffic to a page within Facebook, they reward you with cheaper ads if you do

Google+ is a Facebook style network that is growing in popularity but still a little hard to understand compared to its rival Facebook. The main reason for using these sites is to create a relationship with people, who will follow you and interact with you and then you gently direct them to your website or squeeze page so you can get their name and email address.

Satellite Sites

Another great free list building method is the satellite sites method. This is where you create a page or site dedicated to your main site. Open up accounts with Tumblr, Hubpages, Squidoo and WordPress.com then fill these pages sites with articles that are re written or simply snippets of the main articles found on your site and link these to your main site.

Anyone within those networks who come across those pages and sites can then click through to your main site where the email form is found.  They only take a few minutes to add content to them; it can help in backlink and search engine traffic. Best of all, they are free to set up.

There are many networks that can be used as satellite sites, the main aim here is to create your own mini network or dare I say it, web to catch and filter people to your main site.

So you don’t get too bogged down with information I have written it in two parts. Part 2 of 10 Free list Building Methods. Building an Email List for Free. Have fun – Quentin the (High Priest) Minion

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