Decision Making & the Law of Thinking

20 Mar

We have been told time and time again that thought is the ancestor to action and this is true, you may have seen much of the mumbo jumbo that has been doing the rounds over the last few years to do with the Law of Attraction thanks to the film ‘The Secret’.

decision making the law of thinking

The Law of Attraction also known as the Law of Thinking simply put is this… what you think about you bring about, your thoughts become things.

And to a degree, again this is true, but there is one vital ingredient that they usually miss out and that is, Decision, making a decision is what follows the thought or idea and that brings it all to life.

I can easily sit around the pool on holiday reading a book and have my mind drift off creating ideas and having great thoughts, but they will never come to anything if I do not make the decision to do what is necessary to make it a reality.

Sitting and visualizing will not bring results unless you decide to take the action required that will gain the results you want.

People believe that the law of thinking means, ‘I thought it, so it will happen’, this is just not true.

A decision is an idea or a thought ‘set in stone’, if you write it down then it is no longer an idea but a plan of action. Take an idea that you have, decide to write it down, then decide to do it.

A decision has more motivation and drive than just a though.

Once you have wrote down your ideas and decided to do what it is that you want, you now have a record that you can mark your progress by, it also becomes a visual reminder to which you can hold accountability against.

Just seeing it can remind you that you haven’t done that bit yet or that you have achieved step 2 now it is time to do step 3 of your plan, I am sure you can understand that you cannot do that with just a thought or an idea that you hold in your head, Where do you tick off bits? Will you see it regularly?

No, of course not, when it is in your head it will get buried by new thoughts and distractions and easily lost for ever.

The brain has a habit of having on average 60,000 thoughts a day, it takes a lot of Buddha like discipline to keep an idea at the fore front of your mind let alone keep up to date with your changes and progress.

How many times have you had a good idea then forgotten it the next day? The brain is like a huge multi changing DVD player on random, images, ideas, and sounds come in and out every second bringing something new and taking out what was there before.

It’s not hard to see why we forget great ideas we have if we do not write them down.

Decide today that you will do what is required that will bring you the success that you need for your business to go forward. Just thinking it will do nothing more than waste time if you do nothing about it.

As people we need air to survive, we would not live long if we couldn’t breathe and as business people we need A.I.R. (Action Is Required) otherwise our business will suffocate and eventually die.

The hardest thing for anyone when dreaming of starting a new business either online or off line is to make the decision to do it and then take action, but it is a must,  no action = no rewards.

The choice is yours, do you want to be the airy fairy dreamer or the action taking decision maker, and it is time for you to decide.

Indecision is a business killer and one of the biggest factors holding people back from becoming successful and wealthy. You may be worried that you make the wrong decision, but there is no such thing as a wrong decision, just different options and the great thing about decisions is that if you feel a decision you made is not right or going the way you want, what do you do?

You make another decision! You decide to ‘stop’ what you are doing or decide to do ‘something else’ instead, as long as you decide to do something, and then do it.

So before you sit there in your cross legged meditation pose willing the Universe to drop that million in your bank account believing that the law of thinking is all you need to do, think again!

Get up off your bum, take action and get the results you want.  Remember, you reap what you sow. – Quentin Minion



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