Google, Ibiza Bob and ‘The Story Of Ibiza.’

15 Mar

Catchy title isn’t it. I hope you weren’t too excited, expecting me to break some news about an incredible Google backed music event on the White Isle.  Unfortunately I am not, and Ibiza Bob isn’t one of the founding superstar DJs that helped make Ibiza the clubbing capital of the world it is today.

the story of Ibiza 3

What I want to talk about is the surprise I had when I discovered that my previous article ‘Why WE are sometimes our own worst enemy: The story of Ibiza Bob’ suddenly ranked high in Google.

It ranked for the search term ‘The story of Ibiza.’ A term I used once and had not planned to use for any SEO reasons.

The article was about a guy that I knew who wanted to go to Ibiza but because of his life choices had never managed to go in the last 22 years. The article did not have anything to with the story or history of Ibiza at all.

I was going through some of the Tim’s Minions website stats, looking at where people were coming from and what searches they used. I noticed that people were coming to our site from Google after typing in the term ‘the story of Ibiza’.

Now this baffled me, the article they were sent to was the one about Ibiza Bob, I decided to do some digging. I went to Google and typed in the search term’ The Story of Ibiza’. When the results came back I was No 4 on the first page of Google.

The story of Ibiza


At first I was very excited but remembered that Google send back results based on more than just relevant sites and keywords, my computer is constantly going to the Tim’s Minions site and Google will use that to create a more targeted result.

I went over to our ‘special’ laptop that clears its cache when it’s turned off and records no cookies or has never been used to visit our site. I typed in the same search term and the result I got back was less biased, this time I was in 4th position on page 2 of Google.

If you look at the image above you will see Google says that there were 25,700,000 competing pages on that term yet I was on page 2 for a non-related Ibiza article.

Now I am very happy with this, I know ‘the story of Ibiza’ is a term that isn’t search for by many. Looking at the Google keyword tool it is searched for roughly 1000 times a month as a broad term (loosely associated words) but an exact match (the complete phrase as is) is less than 10 people a month. However, I still beat a potential 25,700,000 other sites of content. Well, minus those few in front of me.

the story of Ibiza 2

But what I am really interested about is this, I didn’t write the article to be keyword rich, I wasn’t trying to get high in Google, all I was doing was trying to give good quality content. Content that is my own and which I add to the site regularly.

Getting high in Google for an Ibiza based keyword was just ‘The Cherry on the Top’. A fantastic unexpected bonus.

I did as all bloggers should do when they do a new post, Tweeted the article and posted links to it on our satellite sites like Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ to drive traffic to the site.

What we can and should take from this is the importance of creating fresh and unique content that we add to our site regularly. When we add a new article to our site and we drive traffic to it via our satellite sites and social media accounts we are keeping Google happy.

They love websites that are being used. They love it when people visit sites and the owners add content, they reward us for it by putting us up higher in the search rankings. Often surprising people, like me, who suddenly find that we are ranking high for unexpected search term.

It will be interesting to see how high I rank soon after posting this keyword rich article. The keyword may not be one that is used for a lot of searchers and those who do search for Ibiza related history may not be our target market but it is interesting to see that we have and are constantly opening up new back doors to our site from nothing more than writing interesting off topic articles.

Something that I believe you should think about too. – Andi the Minion


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