Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: The Co-Op and The Content Rich Authority Site

7 Mar

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities: Idea 1

As part of our work here at the Minions lair we work hard at trying to discover or invent new ideas that can help you profit by using the Internet. This idea came about while writing a post covering the different types of money making websites.

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

I wrote about the massive content sites which have become known as Authority sites. These sites dominate Google, think of Wikipedia or YouTube. Both sites appear high in the rankings because of the amount of pages they have covering virtually every aspect on the planet.

They are knee deep in content rich pages which are linked to by thousands if not millions of other smaller sites.  Wikipedia does not run any advertising system but if it did it would generate millions. YouTube does, and it is because of the power, size and earning potential that YouTube had that drove Google to buy it for $1.65 billion.

Creating a content rich site in order to make advertising revenue is not easy. They require new and unique content to be added daily. The more pages that are added which are keyword rich cannot fail to find traffic, traffic that will share and spread the site across the four corners of the web by linking to it.

One person alone cannot write ten articles a day, or record several video tutorials and slide shows that need to be upload to a site along with the SEO and social media pushing that is required to help get the website its first few thousand visitors.

A lot of the content creation can be outsourced but it will be costly. A good writer can charge double figures for a high quality and unique 800 word article. So getting ten done a day can cost you thousands over the space of a month. For your site to build and not disappear into the cyber ether it will need quality content being added regularly

So here comes the first of our Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities

You create a co-operative team of content creators; they can be writers, video creators or podcast makers covering every aspect of a niche subject with the understanding once the site becomes content rich and has large visitor numbers you all equally share the revenue that is earned from the site.  

For example, what if you loved a variety of sports; you played in several teams and had a large group of likeminded sport loving friends. Could you not amass a team of ten close friends who all loved sport, who can all write one article a day?

Writing one article a day is far easier than trying to do ten, could one of the team take on an editorial role, while one deals with the uploading of the posts? Or each person could have login details to a WordPress site and upload their finished post themselves once it is finished to the required standard and format that you have all agreed on.

This could then start to build a content based website that will soon get noticed if all of the ten writers push the site via social media and forums. Once traffic is starting to visit the site in large numbers you are open then to start selling advertising space on your site. You could open up a Google Adsense account and several accounts with CPA Networks like Maxbounty and Neverblue. (They can be notoriously hard to get accepted by but if you have a large site with large visitor numbers that will help immensely)

CPA (Cost Per Action) offers are similar to Google Adsense but instead of being paid when someone clicks through an advert you get paid when someone buys something or submits an email address.

It doesn’t have to be just advertising that makes you the money. Each post can have an affiliate link to a product that it could be reviewing or a local business that could pay you to promote it. The opportunities are endless once you have a large number of monthly visitors.

The niche that you choose is up to you, there are so many niches and styles of website about. You could create a small team that builds a site similar to the YouTube or Flickr style of massive content site where other people supply and upload the content; you maintain the running of the site and reap the advertising revenue.

When building up a large content site disc space is an issue, when you are constantly uploading images, videos and articles they will eat up storage space. provides a professional hosting package with a domain for as little as $72 a year, with ten of you working together that is only $7.20 per person a year! I shall repeat that…

$7.20 per Person a YEAR!

What is the price of a well-known branded coffee these days? How can you not give this idea a go?

If you get bored and pack up after several months (by then you should be seeing results) what have you lost? I have lost far more pulling my handkerchief out of my pocket! I have wasted more buying late night pizza when I wasn’t hungry after a night out with my fellow Minions!

Between a few of you, exactly what is $72 a year if not a great investment on a slice of internet real estate that could bring in a lot of money?

Take the Huffington Post as another example, a website that had content added regularly, it built up into a very popular and profitable site which was bought by AOL for the impressive sum of $315 million. Now how does that sound to you?

You may not build a site that big, but could you do a site that covered everything in your county or state? With reviews and suggestions for restaurants, courses, holiday homes, weekend retreat spots, nightclubs, sporting activities, property to rent and buy? I cannot see why not, can you?

So with that I shall leave you to ponder on today’s first idea of the series.

Small Home Business Ideas & Internet Business Opportunities


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