How to write your first blog posts; and the rest after that.

1 Mar

If you wasn’t already aware by now I am a big lover of blogging for many reasons, you will find many of those reasons lovingly crafted into Pulitzer Prize winning posts on this very site. Blogging is a great way

tims minions typing

 to get into the Internet Marketing and make money online world. With professional bloggers like Pat Flynn, regularly making up to $30,000 a month… Yes that is right, a month! Blogging can be very lucrative indeed.

If you struggle with a lot of the American style full of hype and over the top sales patter that is associated with many Internet Marketers and their Clickbank product launches then blogging is probably THE best way to get into online marketing as it can be highly ethical. You will supply quality content to people who will thank you for it and eventually you will be awarded for it too.

A professional blog requires a lot of time invested into it and hard work. Sorry to bust your bubble but nothing in life is easily achievable without hard work or at least some level of work. Why not pop over to and ask Pat if the work from home lifestyle and several thousand dollars a month he makes isn’t worth all the work.

So how do you make a quality professional blog?  First and foremost you will need to start adding content for readers to see. If you manage to get any visitors to your site in the early days and have very little or no content then they will not stay around for long or do a repeat visit.

Writing the content to be posted to your blog is the scary bit, especially when you have never written posts before. It’s probably also a long time since you did any long writing; the last time for many people was when they were at school. So today I am going to give you a couple of tips for writing content for your blog, things that I do and, well let’s just say, get away with. 

1.Google Alerts

I love Google alerts; I use it primarily for finding great posts to share with our Twitter followers. Google send you loads of fresh quality articles and posts either by email or to a Google RSS feed.  All articles and posts are pulled from the internet based on any terms I chose so for instance I have a feed based on ‘blogging tips’, any new articles or posts that are written about blogging tips, I get them.


I open up the links and read through the articles to see if they are worth sharing. I also get great ideas for articles and posts if I am running a bit short of my own.  Just the other day I found an article using the phrase ‘work from home’ that was the inspiration for some writing that is currently a guest post on a friend’s site


After reading several articles around a certain topic you will find that your head is buzzing and ready to start writing. You could copy and paste several into a text document, change the font colour and then use them as a reference. Reference only though, no copying!


2.Start Writing

You might think step two is write out a plan, well if you can think of a plan then that is great, do it, I have at times, however, what I tend to do is start writing. Why? Well it gets things down on paper (or screen) it is easier to edit stuff that is written down rather than editing what is in your head. You can start to see ‘stuff’ on the screen which makes it easier to see what needs elaborating on or taking out.


It really doesn’t matter if you write loads; you can soon edit it or reuse it another day perhaps. The most important thing is to get started. Get stuff written down. You will stop and re read all that you have written, and you will edit it till you are happy.


Writing down is in fact a plan of its own; you will see where you need to move things back and forth.  You will also feel more satisfied with actually doing something. Writing your first posts can be daunting which in many people can lead to it not being done at all.


It is easy to get distracted and not get started. In fact when people want to do something but they are scared of it they will actually seek out distractions to avoid the pain of fear. But at the end of the day the fear of doing will be replaced with the feelings of failure and disappointment that you have not got done what you wanted to do. Which is worse?


Simply getting started is really the only way to get into the habit of writing and overcoming any excuses and blocks that you may have preventing you from creating your content. Does it matter that your first posts are not brilliant? No, you will do the best that you are capable of doing at that time.

It is also wise to remember that not everyone thinks the same. You may think that an article isn’t that good whereas ten or fifteen readers may love it and thank you for enlightening them about a topic. So get it written and get it posted. It is a step in the right direction at least.


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