5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.

23 Feb


Do you have a blog? Is your blog just a personal blog where you can jabber on about your favourite things? Or maybe a specific hobby that enjoy? There are many reasons for people having a blog, some are for fun and some are purely designed to generate money.

Whatever your blog is about, if you have a good following of regular readers and have not monetized it in any way, you might as well make some money from it. Let’s be honest here, we enjoy blogging and we enjoy having money. So it makes sense to combine the two. Doesn’t it?

There are many ways to monetize a blog, the usual way is from promoting affiliate products or selling advertising space. This is usually done by copying and pasting code into parts of your site. Which isn’t hard, but it can be a bit of a ball ache. If you are not sure about HTML coding and where to put it then you may shy away from doing it entirely.

However I am here to save the day, well I say me, these few plugins are. (I cannot really take the credit lol) As ever, your trusted Minion has done some research and found some great plugins that you can install which will take a lot of the hard work out of it all. And make you some money.



This is a great plugin if you have an Amazon Associate account. (Amazon affiliate) Once this plugin has been installed you will need to set it up with your Amazon affiliate access keys which you will find in your Amazon affiliate profile. Adding affiliate links to your posts is really very simple.

5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog



There is an Amazon search box found in the New Post section. You highlight the text you want to link to, enter the search term that is relevant to your post in the side widget, select a category and hit search.  A list of products will be brought up from the search and you chose which one you want to use then hit the ‘Insert Link’ button and it will put the link into your post.

There are also several types of Amazon sidebar widgets, found in the widget are of your WordPress site, you just drag the widget over to where you want it, open them up and edit them. You can set up a product carousel, favourites, a product cloud, MP3 clips and there is also an Amazon search bar.  When a visitor on your site clicks through to Amazon and buys through your affiliate ID you earn a commission.  


Ad Rotator

This plugin will require some copy and paste but it works well if you sell advertising space on your site. Whoever buys the space will send you the code or it will be accessible via a dash board if you use a company to sell your space like buysellads.com.

This plugin gives you a widget very similar to the default text widget. You can drag and drop these widgets into the side bars or footers and they work for any ad size.

You simply paste the ad code into the widget and in between different ad codes you paste in <!–more–> to separate the code. Every time you refresh your page a different advert is shown.

5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.


You can have more than one Ad Rotator block in your side bars so you can have static adverts as well as rotating ones. There isn’t a CPM system with this plugin so you can charge whatever you like.


This is a great system, really great for content based sites and educational sites. MediaPass plugin allows you to hide certain content behind a ‘pay to view’ box.  For instance you may create a site where 4 tutorial videos on WordPress are free to see but the remaining 12 tutorials that you have made can be locked off to people unless they pay to see them.  

Once the plugin is installed, you chose which content you want hiding behind the paid wall, click one of 3 boxes on the posts tool bar and chose which subscription model you want. Big magazine and papers use this system a lot. 

5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.


You need to set up a MediaPass account before you can use the plugin but once it’s set up they do all the work. They take the card payments and then send you a cheque every month. They do take out a hefty 35% of the price but imagine what they save you. No faffing with card problems, you don’t spend time taking the money, setting up merchant accounts, posting and packaging DVDs. You just have to concentrate on the blogging side of your business.

You could try charging more than the price you want to ask for to cover the 35% and if your customers are happy to pay that then you are on to a winner.

Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing Tool

This plugin is great if you want to go down the affiliate marketing route. This plugin will turn any product links and references into affiliate links. There are over 17,000 merchants in the Skimlinks database.

The big advantage of this plugin is that it frees you up to concentrate on what you do best which is blogging. You will need a Skimlinks account and then they take care of business, they do all the tracking codes and maintaining of accounts.

5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog


Skimlinks take 25% commissions from the merchants. You get a percentage of that but consider the amount you would have made if you had to source the affiliate products and set up the links yourself, it would have been a lot less and very time consuming.

With Skimlinks you can concentrate on creating more and better blog posts to bring more visitors and re visits to your blog.

Kontera Plugin for WordPress

Again this is another great affiliate plug in. Very handy for those with blogs that do not use side bars. This plugin adds contextual ads within the text of a page. Like amazon and Skimlinks you will need an account first and you will be given a publisher ID which you enter inside the plugin setup. All you do then is choose the colour for the links and add in the generated code into the pages that you want the ads to appear.

5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog


Ads don’t appear straight away, it can take up to 24 hours for them to appear in your pages so be patient. Kontera isn’t just for WordPress, if you are also a fan of Blogger or Drupal then you can also use this plugin to monetize those types of sites as well.

So there you have it. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog, images taken from WordPress Plugin Centre. – Andi the Minion


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