Why You Should Build a Lasting Relationship between You the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.

21 Feb

Guest blogging is all the rage at the moment with blogging ‘Gurus’ telling you all about the great traffic benefits of guest blogging on other peoples sites. And you would be right to listen; they do bring in good traffic if you post to really great blogs. The writer gets exposure and many important backlinks as well as a new audience who are likely to visit your site to read more!

Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.

But there is one important thing guest bloggers fail to do, and that is to create a great long lasting relationship with the owners of the blogs they have posted to. To many newbie bloggers guest posting is where they write as many posts for as many blogs as they can and do the cyber equivalent to a ‘drive by shooting’. Posts and articles are pinging off to every corner of the blogosphere.

This is great for traffic if the blogs have a high readership and that your posts are of great quality. But then what? Do you do it just the once? Of course not. It would be good if you can write great guest posts regularly for several different sites.  

But for that to happen you need to establish a relationship with the site. Site owners/editors may not grant you another guest posting slot if you just road off into the sunset, holding several of their readers under your arms without saying a word.

Networking is a must, keeping in touch with the editors or site owners regularly or even doing post swaps would be a fantastic way to build that all important relationship. Even commenting on their posts with helpful tips could go in favour for you doing another guest posting.

Having a network of great blogs that you can contribute to regularly is a far better way to get traffic to your own blog. Imagine writing to loads of blogs then doing nothing again, you will get some visitors from your posts but then your name and post will disappear into the archives.

However if there were a few sites that you constantly wrote for, your name will become recognizable, and if readers of your past posts like what you wrote, they are more likely to read your new post and re visit your site. The same is advised if you have a Facebook Fan Page. Interacting regularly with other pages creates a friendship that will help you to ‘go places.’

As for the blogs, yours and theirs, the benefit of having a network of great writers is that you will find people who can add content to your site without you having to do so much of the work. That is, as long as the articles and posts are in keeping with the style and feel of your site.

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So many opportunities can arise from having a network of writers, editors and site owners. You may get recommended by one of your new friends to write for other blogs that they have a relationship with giving you even more exposure. Being recommended as a guest blogger to other sites is powerful. A recommendation is great for business, it is great for your reputation and that alone can open doors.

Keeping in contact these days is not hard to do so do not use the excuse ‘I am too busy’ or even ‘it’s not worth it’ Believe me, it is worth it. Most bloggers these days use Social Media to increase traffic and build relationships with their readers and customers. You can also keep in contact with your new blogging buddies by posting comments, questions or answers to their Facebook or Twitter Pages. Bloggers use these platforms to let their readers know when they have posted new content, replying with comments or information gets your name out in front of new people which again is good for traffic and being seen.

After all, why do you have a blog if you do not want people to know it’s there? And they will not know it’s there if they are not shown. Writing your posts are important but getting them, your name and your blog name out in front of as many people as you can is the name of the game. To help win the game, I recommend you start networking, besides it’s a lot cheaper and effective than Google Adwords. 


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