Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs

10 Feb

Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.

Need to make a list building free report Here is why I love

The most important thing all online businesses need to do is build an email list of regular customers and potential future customers that they can promote to. To build up a large list of hungry buyers the website/business owner usually gives something away for free. This can be a report, an eBook or a set of free video tutorials amongst other things.

The idea is to give great content that your blogs visitor (your potential client) wants or needs, or at least wants to read. This means that you either pay to have something created or create it yourself. At first this can be daunting. If you have not written a report or eBook before it can be hard to make a start. Even a short 12 page report needs 12 pages of content. When starting you can feel like you are stood at the base of a mountain that you intend to climb and it can be scary, in fact it can make many give up before they start. It is easier to not bother than it is to get writing.

So what can you do? Well, this is one of the many reasons I love blogs.  It is a content generator. To add new content to a website/blog you only need to write one post at a time and they can often be as little as 500 words. Writing a 500 word post isn’t as frightening as writing a 12 page report or a 90 page eBook. Doing just a short 2 minute training video is easier than a making a series of tutorials. I think you know where I am going with this.

Here is the thing I want you to think about, having a blog is great for 3 reasons.

1.       When you are starting to build a blog, adding new content is great for your search engine rankings. As the saying goes, ‘if you build it, they will come…’ Adding new fresh content will keep bringing back people who have found and liked your site. Someone who has enjoyed reading your posts will keep checking every now and again for new posts, if you keep adding they will keep coming. You are actively building a growing site for your business.


2.       After a month of regularly posting content, you will have without realizing it, written or filmed enough content to make a report/ebook or video series to give away as a freebie to start building a list! At the very least you will have several documents of content ready to edit, and believe me, it is soooo much easier to edit content already written up in a Word document than it is trying to edit stuff that is only in your head! Not only have you started to build up your site but you have started to make your free list building report. And that is important to your business.


3.       When you start to build up an email list you have to engage with them and build a relationship with them, again this will need content. As you are now in the habit of writing posts, you have things that you can refer to when writing your ‘follow up’ emails. You can elaborate in more detail about a past topic, or you can simply send an email telling your list about a new post you have just added to the blog.

So what I am really trying to say here is, you should be taking small daily steps (we Minions are small and have no choice but to do small steps!). Trust me those small regular easy to do tasks that come with having a blog will build up into something you can use in a bigger and better way. Content is king, so get creating. – Andi the Minion. 


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