Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.

8 Feb

Writing good content for your website blog is a must. Not only does it please Google and help with your ranking in the search results but it keeps the reader on your site and with luck, the reader will suggest it to their friends. If the article is on an article directory like then the reader may be one of many looking for content to put on their own site.

The more sites your article goes on the better. Article directories insist in their Terms & Conditions that the authors name and link must stay visible when the article is placed onto other sites. Which is good for you, not only does it give you Google friendly backlinks but it can be seen by many more eyes. To get people wanting to share and use your articles they need to be captivating, here are 5 of the best types of articles that can go viral.

1)      List Posts

List posts are great posts to write, they are easy to compile and have a higher chance of going viral. When you are reading through the top blogs take a conscious look at how many posts    are list posts. You will see that a great many of them are. For example…

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers (Copyblogger) was retweeted 1200 times, received 200 comments and was shared 446 on Facebook.


2)      How To Posts

How to posts have a great chance of going viral as they are very informal and people love to have their problems sorted.

Many people searching for information will also start their searches with ‘how to…’ so a post starting with ‘how to…’ has a greater chance of appearing in the search results, resulting in you getting great organic search traffic.

Again a post from copyblogger ‘How to use Twitter to Grow Your Business’ was retweeted over 680 times, received 434 comments and was shared on Facebook over 375 times.


3)      Case Studies

Another type of post that goes viral is the case study, they are practical and informative which is what readers love. They love to see people’s ideas in action and take great interest in seeing you get the results they think you do.

A blog post from legendary Pat Flynn on his blog SmartPassiveIncome ‘The Backlinking Strategy that Works’ received over 1,452 comments.

A good case study is loved by readers, they love to see the truth, they love to see the process and the results.


4)      Controversial Posts


This one can go wrong if done wrong, and can be dangerous to your business if you just try to be controversial however if you genuinely disagree with some current news or trending topic you may find that your post will go viral.

When writing your controversial post, it is imperative that you write it to get good quality traffic and not bad traffic that in truth has no interest in your site or products.

When trying to write a controversial post, it’s important to make sure you don’t write a post that can bring about negative traffic, but rather use your controversial post to try to get quality traffic.

To see a great example of a viral controversial post read ‘Twitter Lists – I’m Not Down’ by Chris Brogan. This received over 160 comments and was retweeted 326 times at time of me writing this.


5)      Top Posts

Writing top posts is a great source of traffic, a top post is where you rank the top 10, 20 or whatever you choose in a certain niche for example a dance music site might have the ‘Top 10 Trance Tunes of 2011’ people love to read about the top people and things in all walks of life. How popular is the yearly rich list?

A great example of a top post is '50 Most Influential People in Blogging 2010' from IncomeDiary with over 373 Facebook shares, 90 comments and over 240 retweets.



Not every post will go viral but if you have planned your article properly, implemented certain strategies and made it as interesting as possible

When trying to write blog posts that go viral, you should also know that luck does play a role. But, if you implement the right strategies you will give your blog posts a much better chance of going viral and finding success.



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