No website, Free To Start Internet Marketing.Today!

25 Jan

Most online Internet Marketing programs and Guru’s tell you that you need a website to make money online, some say you need several but there are other ways to make money online. And these are often very cheap if not completely free. 


The method that seems to be circling at the moment is PDF marketing. Which is simply writing a short and very informative article or report, (maybe an eBook if you so wished,) turning it into a PDF and uploading it to free PDF sharing sites like &  


What is a PDF? PDF stands for Portable Document Format which was designed especially for the easy transferring of documents around the web, the document version of the MP3.


There are loads of share sites and the principle of this method is simple. You put links to your own website, if you have one, or affiliate offers where you get paid a commission. You can build up lists and income purely from the fact you offer good content for free which the reader can download or share giving your PDF a viral effect.


PDFs have also been ranking nicely in Google for long tail keywords which means your link loaded PDF can be found organically without paying out for advertising. The idea is to get loads of PDFs out in circulation so that they get read and passed around which will eventually result in readers clicking on the links to your offers or landing pages.


The beauty of this method is that there is no strong selling or pushing from you and the reader does not feel pressured or compelled to say no. If they like what you have written and require more information then they will ‘choose’ to click on the link themselves. They are in control, and are more likely to buy the offer if they are interested.


The rise of PDF marketing is the new article marketing, article marketing does not allow many links or graphics, where as a PDF can house a clickable graphic or banner which can be a lot more tempting than just the standard long and ugly affiliate URL link.


And importantly, you can start today, for FREE


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