SportsSure Trading Programme

18 Nov

Today I want to tell you about SportSure Trading Programme by Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler Reid. I have written a few posts over at the main blog but I wanted to give you a quick heads up about the programme here.

Sportsure Trading is the monthly course where you will be taught everything you need to know about how to make serious amounts of money trading big sporting events using betting exchanges like BetFair.

Bet exchanges are not bookmakers, they allow you to place opposing bets known as lay and back bets. What this means is that you can trade the sporting events and take money from those who are simply gambling.

When you find a football game for example that has the right odds and criteria you place an opening trade. This can be either a lay bet or a back bet. As the game progresses the odds will change as gamblers start throwing more money at the game. When the time is right, and the games odds have changed enough for you to make a profit you ‘green up’ and place an opposing closing trade.

‘Greening up’ is the name for determining the amount of money you need to place the closing trade so that you are left with a profit.

Tony and Pauline both regularly make thousands of pounds a month trading the bet exchanges. Pauline likes to trade football matches while she does the ironing and housework whereas Tony prefers to trade while watching the games.

Sposrtsure Trading Programme will release a new method each month where you will learn a new way to trade a sporting event. For example, you might trade a game when a goal is scored and then exit that trade when a set time has elapsed which is usually statistically shorter than when the next goal is scored so you have closed the trade before you lose money.

Another method could be to trade a football match when the game has been stopped by the referee to show a card or substitute a player. When this happens the odds are often changing as gamblers panic and throw money into the game.

A football game is only suspended when a goal is scored so money cannot move until the referee re starts the game however with other stops like red cards, corners, injuries or substitutions the game continues including the money going into the game and this can dramatically affect the odds meaning you can wait for the game to restart and then trade out with a profit.

You can learn a lot fantastic trading methods in the Sportsure Trading Programme from Pauline and Tony. To learn more click the link here

Advertisements Sport Sure by Tony Langley & Pauline Wheeler-Reid

11 Jul

A quick review of Sport Sure Trading by Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid. Sport Sure Trading can be found at and a bigger review can be read over at Sport Sure Review (You will need to register to get a password and you can do that HERE)sport sure tony langley pauline wheeler reid

So what is Sport Sure? Sport Sure is an online training course where Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid will teach/ show you everything they do to make money trading the betting exchanges like Bet Fair.

Where most people will take a bet for their favourite team to win at football, Tony and Pauline will trade the markets placing bets for and against each teams coming out with a profit. You have to know what you are doing here but when you do you can be generating an average monthly income of £5,000 like Tony does.

Pauline is known as the woman who makes money while she irons. She simply places her trades and monitors her laptop as she goes around the house doing her daily chores.

If you want to know how to generate vast sums of money by trading the big sports events then simply click the link Sport Sure to see more. This information isn’t for everyone, you will need to register to get access to see what all the fuss is about and trust me it is worth it. I know Tony and Pauline personally and I can tell you that they love what they do and not only are they very successful at it they are genuine everyday people like you and I.

If they can do it so can you, you just have to decide to, so if you want to learn how Tony and Pauline generate thousands from trading sports events and games then head over to Sport Sure at Remember you will need a password and you can get one here

I can tell you that they are not the only people to make large sums of tax free profits from trading the sports events, I know of several. One told me that they had paid off their daughter’s wedding with money earned using these methods. How much are weddings these days? £10-15,000? They are not cheap these days and how many people have this money just lying around.

You don’t have to enjoy sport to make money from trading the sports markets, but if you do then it is a bonus. You can sit and watch all of your favourite sports and games and make money. If that sounds ideal to you then simply visit Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid’s Sport Sure here.

Latest Tim’s Minions Posts.

8 Oct

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, have we got plenty of great stuff for you to read on our main site…

Long Tail Keywords: The Golden Egg of Free Traffic?

In this post we show you how to search for and use good quality long tail keywords without Google penalising you for keyword stuffing.  And believe me, they will!!!

How to Sell Your Website on Flippa

This is a guest post from a good friend of the Minion’s Matt Smith who has sold websites on Flippa. Here he explains what you need to do to sell a website for profit.

Tim’s Minions Interviews: Ramsay the Blog Tyrant.

We finally managed to get an interview with the one and only Ramasy the Blog Tyrant. Ramsay is well known for his excellent blog posts and for creating several blogs which he has sold for over $20,200 each!

Facebook Competitions: Running successful competitions and promotions.

If you use Facebook for your business then you really should consider running a Facebook Competition. Facebook are very strict and you should use a special app. Guest writer Sharon Fox talks us through running a successful Facebook Competition.

Guest Posts For You To USE: Our New Free Service.

This is a brand new service of ours, why not have a quality Minions post on your website? When we write a great post and we cannot decide what to do with it, believe me we write loads, we will offer it up to our new guest post page where you… yes YOU, can take it and use it on your own website. We have it on a first come first served basis. So do you want a free post for your website?

Facebook Advertising – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Facebook is growing and now has record 1 billion users. Could you tap into this large market? Clair another great honouree Minion gives us an idea about the different ways to advertise on Facebook and what they can do for us.

So what are you waiting for, pop over to Tim’s Minions and join in the fun!

Creating Audio Versions Of Your Posts With

16 Aug

After chatting with a fellow blogger about the pros and cons of having an audio version of each post on your blog I came across an awesome online service that will allow you to create a really impressive recording of your post in minutes. SoundGecko is a free service ( not sure if that will change) and an awesome one at that.

Some people may struggle reading text on screens or have little time spare to read or simply by chose decide that they do not want to read and would rather listen to your posts as Podcasts. By not having an audio version that can be downloaded, listened to later and shared you are missing out on a really good method of building a following for your blog.

On our main site I published an easy to follow step by step guide on how to create and install an audio version of your own blog posts using SoundgGecko and PodPress plugin. Click the image above or the link below to read the full post and see for yourself how easy it really is. you will have audio versions of your posts in no time!

Creating Audio Versions Of Your Posts With

Our latest and greatest blog post

2 Aug

I have been busy recently, writing eBooks and reports, creating videos, newsletters and a whole lot more. So I have not been adding stuff to here for a while but I have been adding stuff to the main site so here is a short list of some of our latest and greatest posts. Please feel free to go and take a proper look. 

How To Make A Podcast For FREE

In this post I go into great detail showing you how to make Podcasts for free. Podcasts are excellent for communicating your thoughts and ideas to your readers and followers. They make great content for blogs, they make great products, they can be given away for free or sold. Ideal for traffic and very easy to make, is it time you had a go at making your own Podcasts?

Blogging Tips: Why YOU need to be your blog!

In this post I talk about why it is important to have a personality behind your blog. A blog without it can and will be seen as a faceless money sucking corporation un-contactable and potentially un-trustworthy. So, do you add any personality to your site? If not is it time to start?

10 Real Make Money Online Ideas eBook

This is a wonderful eBook I put together; I say it’s wonderful not to be big headed even though it is good J but because we Minions compiled 10 great ways to make money from home starting as soon as you have finished reading it and for very little start-up costs. Some require none. It is worth getting and downloading, have a read and start something or at least share it on. J

Internet Business Opportunities: Turning $5 into $50 and more.

Another post full of great ideas that could be turned into an online business relatively cheaply and quickly using other people to do the bulk of the work for you. You become the middleman and cream off profits from putting the needs and skills of two separate parties together.

TweetAdder Review: Building a List of Followers on Autopilot!

This is a video review of an awesome piece of software that we use with Twitter. I love it and I think you need to see it in action to understand what this software can do for you.

How to Create and Format an eBook

Another one of my longer and seriously helpful posts, this one comes with a downloadable version on PDF and also comes with an eBook template for you to download so you can start to create your own eBook following our guide. Very easy to do, once you have read how to create your eBook with our report there will be nothing stopping you!!

Tim’s Minions Interviews – Yaro Starak

We Minion’s were very lucky to get an interview with the legendary Yaro Starak, I could say something about him here but no, I urge you to read the interview. It is awesome, and seriously inspiring. J

Andi Leeman Interview – How To Get Started By Getting A Blogging Job

And finally, I wasn’t going to add this as it is self-promotion but here is the written interview I did for Matt Smith on his Online Income Teacher site J

My Big Fat Fetish and the new Tim’s Minions Interview

24 May

It has been a busy time here at Tim’s Minions so I have slightly neglected this site but I am back with a few new postings, I recently added a new interview to the site. Brian D. Hawkins of HotBlogTips here is a couple of questions from his interview…   

‘What motivated you to do what you are doing now?

That’s easy… Interaction! I switched to blogs when I realized I could gain the same interaction from my sites that I had with my forums. The interaction of a blog seems to bring it to life and the information gained in priceless.

What is about what you do that you love?

I think we’re back to the interaction again.  I love the idea that a few people may be interested in what I have to say and take the time to read my blog. I love the fact that my social connection grow daily with other like minded people. I also love the fact we live in an age where we can blog anytime and just about anywhere we go.’

And a new article about niche marketing with a strange twist, I got the article idea from watching a TV documentary that is covered in the article. Here is a slice…

My Big Fat Fetish and the Super Sub Niche Online Business Ideas    

‘The show was in many ways very bizarre but just like last week’s show ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ I was intrigued in what they do for a completely different reason. Again like last week’s show, these ladies were making money from home using modern technology you and I have at our disposal.’

‘Goddess Patty would charge between $300-$600 to sit on men!!!! This is known as flattening. Men from all backgrounds have paid to be ‘Flattened’, actors and Politicians (not surprising) were also on that list. I cannot say how regular she was paid to flatten men but she did do it from time to time’

So head over to the main site, we look forward to meeting you. – Andi the Minion

Sex, Lies Rinsing Guys & the Profitable Small Home Business Ideas

16 May

Sooo did anyone see the ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ documentary on TV last night here in the UK? Interesting title as there was no sex involved and not al lot of lies, some but not a lot. 

The documentary followed women who made it their career to receive ‘gifts’ from extremely wealthy men for hmmm nothing really.

What did interest me though was how money was made and what people (men) were willing to pay. One guy paid £200 for less than 20 minutes of humiliating ’ you are worthless’ kind of insults from one woman over a web cam connection. You could hear him muttering ‘Yes Mistress, no Mistress’

Read Full Post Here!

The woman pictured here, charged £50 for 10 minutes to talk on Skype (she is a glamour model but there was no nudity or adult conversation on the call). £50!! for 10 minutes talking! Really?

Now I do not want you all to rush off and try this but at least see what potential there is for making money using free and easy to use software.

These men were essentially lonely, they were paying to talk to a beautiful young women. Shallow perhaps, but they were and these ladies capitalized on that. So what else can you do with Skype?

Can you teach a language perhaps? Charging £15 per hour, could you give some life coaching or advice over Skype or a web cam? Could you cheer up lonely men or women?

Read Full Post Here!

I certainly could humiliate a man for 20 minutes but I doubt they would pay for a Dominating Minion. ‘Yes Minion, No Minion… hmmmm I wonder 🙂 – Andi the (installing Skype) Minion